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/?i/ boy/b?i/ toy/t?i/ noise/n?iz/ voice/v?is/ point/p?int/ coin/k?in/

/i?/ ear/i?/ near/ni?/ idea/ai′di?/ hear/hi?/ mere/mi?/ spear/spi?/ /ε?/ air/ε?/ tear/tε?/ care/kε?/ dare/dε?/ fair/fε?/ there/eε?/ /u?/ tour/tu?/ poor/pu?/ sure/?u?/ moor/mu?/(停泊) your/ju?/ /p/ pea/pi:/ pie/pai/ top/t?p/ cap/k?p/ people/pi:pl/ pride/praid/

/b/ bee/bi:/ by/bai/ buy/bai/ black/bl?k/ bear/bε?/

/t/ let/let/ sat/s?t/ feet/fi:t/ team/ti:m/ tide/taid/

/d/ led/led/ sad/s?d/ feed/fi:d/ do/du:/ dear/di?/

/k/ lack/l?k/ take/teik/ clock/kl?k/ class/kla:s/


/g/ big/big/ lag/l?g/ glass/gla:s/ gum/g?m/ good/gud/


/f/ face/feis/ fast/fa:st/ leaf/li:f/ surf/s?:f/ favorite/′feiv?rit/ /v/ very/′veri/ five/faiv/ fever/′fi:v?/ serve/s?:v/ never/′nev?/

/θ/ bath/ba:θ/(v洗澡) thick/θik/ mouth/mauθ/ breath/breθ/(n呼


thought/θ?:t/ author/′?θ?/ truth/tru:θ/

/e/ the/ e?/ they/eei/ that/e?t/ mother/′m?e?/ thus/ e?s/ then/een/


/s/ face/feis/ mouse/maus/ cakes/keiks/ caps/k?ps/ likes/laiks/ stops/st?ps/

/z/ close/kl?uz/ keys/ki:z/ boys/b?iz/ pens/penz/ halves/ha:vz/ /t?/ catch/k?t?/ cheep/t?i:p/ rich/rit?/ watch/wt?/ child/t?aild/

question/kwest??n/ teach/ti:t?/ challenge/t?lind?/

/d?/ orange/′?rid?/ large/la:d?/ juice/d?u:s/ job/d??b/

/tr/ tree/tri:/ try/trai/ true/tru:/ trouble/traubl/ track/tr?k/

/dr/ dry/drai/ dream/dri:m/ dress/dres/ drink/dri?k/ hundred/′h?ndrid/

/?/ she/?i:/ sharp/?a:p/ fish/fi?/ shock/??k/ shoe/?u:/

/?/ pleasure/′ple??/ measure/′me??/ television/′telivi??n/

/ts/ let′s/lets/ sports/sp?:ts/ puts/puts/ writes/raits/ seats/si:ts/

/dz/ hands/h?ndz/ birds/b?:dz/ friends/freindz/ beds/bedz/ stands/st?ndz/

/h/ he/ hi:/ hard/ha:d/ him/him/ heard/h?:d/ half/ha:f/

/l/ like/laik/ late/leit/ learn/l?:n/ lead/li:d/ light/lait/

/m/ my/mai/ more/m?:/ seem/si:m/ meat/mi:t/ mind/maind/ men/men/

/n/ nice/nais/ wind/waind/ mind/maind/ rain/rein/ fine/fain/ /?/ sing/si?/ wing/wi?/ ring/ri?/ long/l??/ beautiful/bju:t?fl/

/j/ you/ju:/ few/fju:/ yard/ja:d/ music/′mju:zik/ student/′stju:dnt/



/w/ work/w?:k/ way/wei/ well/wel/ what/w?t/ twelve/twelv/


/r/ red/red/ road/r?ud/ write/rait/ wrong/r??/ problem/′pr?bl?m/ 音标综合练习 1./i:/ /i/ /e/ /?/

bit week deal real kid dig quick tip zip rid will fill

pet pack gap cap nag ram battle said happy ten red

settle trash depend

2./a:/ / ?:/ / ? / /u:/ /u/

ask mask past France odd lawn naught pause fox sock



4./i?/ /??/ /u?/

veer affair dare scare bourn gourd rural appear Colombia

material mysterious

5./θ/ /e/

month thief that than faith together thank


The sun Tongue Twister(绕口令)

(1)There are thirty-three trees there. (θ, e)

(2)A big black bug bit the back of the big black bear. The big black bear beat back the big black bug. (/b/) 6

(3)She sells seashells on the seashore,and the shells she sells are seashells. I′m sure because if she sells shells at the seashore,the shells she sells are

seashells for sure.

(/ θ/,/s/,/z/,/?/)

(4)There is a kitten in the kitchen.In the kitchen,I fly the

chicken.A fly flies into the kitchen while I′m frying the chicken.( /t?/)

(5)You are no need to light a night light on a light night like tonight.For a night,light′s a slight light and tonight′s a night that′s light.When a night′s light like tonight′s light,it′s really not quit right to light night

lights with their slight light′s on the light night like tonight.(/n/--/l/)

(6)The sun shines on the small shop signs.(/s/--/?/)

(7)Why didn′t you do that what I told you to do? (/ /--/ /)

(8)The doctor′s daughter knocked at the locked door.

(9)Mike likes to write by the nice bright light at night.

(10)Is this pair of scissors of his sister′s? Yes,this is the pair of scissors of his sister′s . (/s/--/z/) 7

(11)Pete picked up a piece of paper and put it into the paper basket. (/p/)

(12)William wants to know whether the weather will be wetter tomorrow. (/w/)

[ i: ] ee: three tree green sheep meet beef see seek week

ea: eat tea meat leave lead teacher team mean speak clean please

e: he she me these

ie: piece receive ceiling field

[ i ] : i: sit picture it is if list six mix fix fit pig big build miss milk ship with window begin

y: myth many twenty happy dictionary

e:defect decide delicious

[ e ] : ea:head bread pleasure ready

e :elephant electric remember sell shell lesson better bed desk hotel

yes well get very step men listen

[E:] : ir: girl shirt skirt thirty thirteen third bird first

ur:turn burn murder nurse turtle Thursday burger hurt ear:learn earn earth heard

er:term her nerd serve verb

or:work worm worker word world worse


[E] : er: teacher leader remember player speaker farmer powder or:doctor actor mayor author tractor forget

o:together tomorrow today Washington control polite policeman o’clock a:around account ago elephant banana China breakfast American above

e:hundred student

ar: car farm card arm garden party star

a:fast class last glass plant


u: up supper lunch fun gun hunt cup bus cut us luck but cut o: come mother brother love above month ou :trouble rough flourish

oo:blood flood

al:small wall talk tall hall ball call walk

or:short more lord horse for forty sport door floor store au:author caught our:four mourn court

ar:warm quarrel quarter

aw:draw saw flaw

ou:bought ought

oo:food moon room gloom broom doom goose tooth school too noodle cool

u:true truth blue

oo:look good foot book cook


ou:should could would u:put full bull pull push o:woman wolf


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