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1) Is an online magazine the same as an o__________ magazine ?

2) He novel was p___________ last year .

3)Have your batteries been c_________ yet?

4) Can books be r__________ by computer ?

5) So far , two i_________ have been published

6) p___________ is one of the four ancient inventions in China

7) You must p________ that it won’t be lent to anyone

8) We can read or listen to some i_____________ on computers today .

9) People in Britain p__________ about 430 million tons of waste every year

10) You had better look at the i__________ before you take some medicine

11) Today we should study k__________ so that we can find a job easily

12) Cloth is made of c_______

13 We should write in ________don’t write with pencils.

14 You had better s__________ your pencils before you will use them 15 The s______________ industry has developed rapidly in our country 16 The p_____________ of table tennis spread quickly in 2004 in China

17 My grandfather likes practicing the handwriting with the f____________ pens 18 The a_______ of the computer is much faster and easier

19 Can I ask a f________? = Could you do me a f_______?

20 This museum is f________ to Betty’s mother

21 We must pay a_______ to the teacher in class

22 Please look at the s_______”No photos

23 The stone s__________ is very beautiful

24 She looked after for him in the other rooms u_________, but he wasn’t there

2.5 I can’t swim , and he can’t swim, e__________

2 6 My grandmother told me an u_____ story .

27Students are interested in chemistry , because they can do many e _________

28. In most museum, you aren’t allowed to touch the e_______

29 The c________ is very important in children’s growing up

30 Where is Daqing? I don’t know its p_________? Can you tell me ?

31 That is a strange car with three w________.

32 There are no signs of h_______ _.life on other planets

33 was sent into space by a r________

34. It’s a good idea _______( have) a party tomorrow

35 Will you lend me a digital c_______? Tomorrow we will go to the park

36. Please d________ your hands with a towel

37Zhang Yining is a famous s_________

38. Many sportmen took part in the r____________


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