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1. During the early and see baby because not accustomed to swallow the liquid food,

often with his tongue out to food, or do not swallow it, parents want to have patience, don't have to feed.

2. Observe the baby shit. Such as diarrhea, suggests www.xzymy.com that the baby had indigestion, need to stop. Such as in the stool of undigested food, need to reduce the intake of food or food do more small.

3. Don't offer too full. The baby within one year of age, the main source of nutrition is still the milk. If see feed too much, baby may automatically reduce the amount of milk intake.

4. Replace the food often. The www.yzxyjx.net baby will be tired of always eat a kind of food. When he refused to eat the food of his love to eat, the need to give him a change.

5. The baby to eat with your hands, should have adult supervision, next to the baby to sit when eating, it is best not to eat at play.

6. Add a side dish must be adapted to baby months. Early to add side dish, baby will because of digestive function is mature and vomiting and diarrhea, digestive function 1

2 disorder. Too late to add baby can cause malnutrition, thus may even refuse to eat the milk of liquid food.

7. When parents made for baby food, not only pay attention to nutrition, and ignore the taste, so will not only affect the development of the baby's sense of taste, to piddle buried hidden trouble in the future, may also make the baby to assist food produce disgust, which affects the nutrition intake. Side dish should be based on principles of natural light, to make the raw materials must be fresh, can add a little salt or sugar, but do not add flavours and artificial colors, etc., lest increase burden of baby kidney.

8. When parents to feed the baby side dish, must first create a eat a happy and

harmonious environment for the baby, had better choose in the baby to be in a good mood and awake feeding.


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