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幼儿与感恩节活动,孩子对父母的感恩话语 (中英版)

发布时间:2013-12-03 16:27:50  


It has been a wonderful time together,thank you for taking care of me.在一起的时光多么快乐,谢谢您照顾我。Whenever,I am down you support me and give me strength.Thank you !感谢你,无论什么时候,总有你在我身边给我支持与力量。

Thank you for your care ,thank you for everything you have done for me.感谢您的关怀,感谢您的帮助,感谢您对我做的一切……

On Thanksgiving day ,please accept my sincere wishes ,all the best to you .在这个充满感恩的节日里,请接收我最真心的祝愿:一生平安、如意、健康、快乐! 中 班

Daddy and mommy, thank you for the care and love you have given me .在这成长的路上,感谢爸爸妈妈的陪伴。 As I have grown up,I want to say thank you for supporting me.在成长的路上,是您们支持我,谢谢爸爸妈妈。

Thanksgiving Day is a time that I want to say I love you.感恩节是一个我告诉你我爱你的节日。

I will never forget your kindness. 你的恩情,我没齿


I thank you for everything you have done! 谢谢你为我所做的一切!

I can never repay the amount of love you have given me.你给我的爱我无以回报!

On this special day ,I wish my dear family good health .在这个特殊的日子里,祝亲爱的爸爸妈妈身体健康,感恩节快乐。

Happy Thanks giving Day , I love you all very much.感恩节快乐,非常爱您们!

On this special day, I want to say: "father 、mother ,I love you"!在这个特别的日子里,我想对爸爸妈妈说:“我爱你 I have enjoyed my life greatly under your care!在你的照顾下,我生活得很开心。

Warm wishes on this Thanksgiving. 在感恩节,衷心地祝福你们。

Thank you for the love and care you have given me!在每一分每一秒都跟随在我身边,对我细心的呵护与照顾。谢谢您!

You have shown me so much love during my life.在我

的成长路上,你们给了我这么多的爱。 I am grateful to you, father and mother ,I love you!


Today is Thanksgiving Day, I want to say: I love you!


What a wonderful time to be together!在一起的时光多


I’m thankful for being part of such a loving family!


Thank you for everything you give me .感谢父母们给予的一点



Daddy、mommy,I want to say I love you !爸爸妈妈,我想


Thank you for the kindness that you have shown to me.


Thank you for giving me life and helping me to grow!谢谢您们给了我生命,并教导我成长!

Warm wishes on this Thanksgiving. 在感恩节,衷心地祝福你们。

I am happy we are together today.很开心我们今天能聚在一起。

Let me give you a kiss to show my love.让我亲亲你吧。

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