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How to help students make their essays stand out in the NMET

While coping with the essay part, some students tend to begin writing even without having a good look at the requirements for the fear of lacking adequate time , which can give rise to the problems of missing the important points or making unnecessary mistakes. So first and foremost, it is strongly recommended that students should analyze the instructions carefully and underline points of great importance in case of those points being left out. Let’s take this essay for example, we should pay attention to the fixed title, the importance of obeying traffic rules, examples of how to obey traffic rules contributing to a good and harmonious living environment. Then we can help students make a good arrangement of the essay, figuring out the main idea of each paragraph and how these paragraphs are connected with each other logically and reasonably. For example in first paragraph we can talk about the current situation and necessity of making our joint efforts to change impolite situation as a senior high on our way to school. The following paragraph should contain some detailed behaviors and last paragraph will make a conclusion , like if every individual makes joint efforts ,we will be blessed with a more harmonious living environment. Afterwards, teachers can offer students some guidelines in helping students make their sentences impressive. Like we can use the word “ pedestrian” instead of “ people”, change the sentence “we should try our best to build a good environment” into “ do our utmost, bend over backwards”. Besides that, helping students understand that varying sentence patterns will also give them an edge in the composition. Last but not least, a good composition will not be written overnight. Students should learn the secret of writing an impressive essay lies in reading more, writing more, memorizing good passages and learning to use them flexiblely in your own passages. Last but not least, bear the motto in your mind, no sweet ,n o sweat! There is no exception in learning to a master of English learner.

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