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should children only play sports for fun

发布时间:2013-12-13 14:35:53  

Nowadays, almost all parents hope their children will have a bright future. They have a desire that their children should be more excellent than others when they are at a little age. As a consequence, children have to take part in a variety of activities and sign up for lots of classes to have a better performance. Even in some sports, children have to do their best to beat the competitors, which is not the final purpose of the games. However, I think that children should only play sports for fun rather than play sports for fame or obligation in contests.

I have several reasons to support my view. Firstly, if children play sports only for the victory in contests or competitions, they may have no concept of making friends with others which is not beneficial for their growing up. Secondly, they are only children, they should experience the enjoyment of playing balls rather than the fight with others, they may always want to win in other aspects, once they failed, they may feel frustrated which is harmful to their health.

In conclusion, I guess children should only play sports for fun.

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