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凤婷茶200克,陈皮150克,桂皮20克,花椒10克、铁观音茶5克做法:凤婷茶、陈皮、桂皮、花椒切碎或碾碎,均匀掺合在一起,每次取用这种混 合的配料5-6克放入杯中加入开水浸泡或放入锅中加水煮沸,等待开水温暖时把水饮尽。每天两次,早晚各一次。配料中的茶是指茶叶。






Stuttering is a habitual language defects, the more nervous the more can't speak fluently, most people have serious inferiority mentality, so find baby childhood stuttering case must be timely correction, a improve the stuttering diet is recommended for everybody below. Stuttering corrective method has a lot of, in www.xilishi1.com addition to have harm to the body therapy, stuttering can have the courage to try. Many stutterers through some of the above method, obtained the new language. Can use breathing, phonics, in the form of breakthrough method and correct. For stuttering patients, also needs to have confidence in myself, to quit the stuttering, also can through diet therapy, cooperate with treatment. Stuttering diet with treatments are available

Phoenix d. tea 200 grams, 150 grams of dried tangerine peel, 20 g cassia, Chinese prickly ash 10 g, 5 g tieguanyin tea: chicken d. tea, dried www.zhytech.com tangerine or orange peel, cinnamon, pepper chopped or crushed, evenly blended together, each taking the mix ingredients of 5 to 6 grams in a rocks glass filled with boiling water immersion or into 1

2 the pot boil water, waiting to drink the water when the water warm. Two times a day, once in the morning and night. Tea is the tea in the ingredients.

In the process of treatment, the parents or correct division of early intervention is important. First to get rid of their parents disappointment and discrimination attitude, remind children to speak slowly, don't criticize or punish children, ease the nerves,

strengthen children's confidence, fear of research, make its not too much attention to his speech.

(1) remove spoke tension, and pay attention to eliminate undesirable stimulation.

(2) to strengthen training to speak.

(3) before speaking don't want disorderly want to, do not give oneself psychology to allude, speed slow, appropriate to express the nature.

Above for parents friends introduced to improve the diet of children stutter, hope to bring you help.


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