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最后,穆锦全认为,消除孩子就医的恐惧是儿童口腔科医生最基本的技巧:一般有“讲、试、做”三部曲。比如孩子最害怕电钻头,就把电钻取下来,给 孩子看看,告诉他,这个工具能出水,像“电动牙刷”一样可以把牙齿洗干净,并在孩子的指甲上洗给他看。这样与孩子亲切的交流,可以获得孩子的信任,消除患 儿的不安情绪。

Many children are afraid of the dentist. How to eliminate dental fear their children watch? Nanjing maternity and child care dental MuJinQuan for parents, director of the action.

1. The dentist parents don't suggest that for http://www.xilishi1.com/ the first time. "In a short while dentist can't cry!" Many parents is intended to encourage children to actively cooperate with the dentist, but instead brought a negative self-talk, tell the child to the dentist is a painful thing.

2. Parents don't too much to participate in the treatment process. 80% of dentists don't want to in the process of treatment, parents near the child. Parents beside, giving too much attention, the child becomes very "temperamental", is not conducive to treatment.

3. The first time to go to a doctor don't be too long. Teeth dental care to the child, in pain, for the first principle, especially the first time not too long, don't do more complex treatment.

4. Bring children when parents see teeth. Parents themselves oral health, regular cleaning or do the best to bring children, let them http://www.zhytech.com/ sit for dental chair, also feel look at your teeth, more information about oral health information.

Finally, MuJinQuan think, eliminate the fear of children go to a doctor is the most basic skills: children's dental doctor generally have "speak, try and do" trilogy. Such as children fear most electric drill, electric drill, show children, tell him, this tool can be out of the water, like "electric toothbrush can clean teeth, and showed him in the child's nails. This kind of 1

2 communication with the child, can obtain the trust of the children, to eliminate risk of unease.


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