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母乳还有一大好处,经常被人们所忽视,那就是低致敏性。随着过敏疾病的逐年增加,越来越多的妈妈开始反省或后悔当年没能母乳喂养宝宝。为什么说 母乳是低致敏性的呢?这是因为母乳中的蛋白质分子结构、氨基酸排列顺序等与牛乳有较大差别,人类宝宝更易将母乳中的蛋白质识别为自己的,而将一般配方粉中 的牛奶蛋白视为外来的,是具有潜在危险性的物质。因此,包括世界卫生组织在内的许多国际权威机构都建议,以纯母乳喂养4-6个月以上是预防宝宝过敏的最好 方法。

Breast milk is the baby came to receive first precious gift in the world. Experts are calling for, it is recommended that the first delivery of new mothers must be early contact and milk, strive for the best for your baby's immune system.

According to understand, baby milk is irreplaceable nutrition, breast milk has biological specificity, and all other nutrition substitutes www.ajsdjj.com are obviously different. In addition to very high quality protein in breast milk can ensure the healthy growth of babies, types of fat in the breast milk is very rich, can promote baby's brain and retina

development, adjust the immune system to mature, and adulthood cardiovascular disease prevention role.

In addition, other nutrients in breast milk, such as carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, such as the type and www.makayikanggw.com proportion were also fit the baby needed for their development, and with the baby's growth stage and the individual development and to adjust.

Absorbed from the point of view, in breast milk protein is given priority to with whey protein, protein is the most easy to digest baby, at the same time, many nutrients in breast milk and have a functional role, such as amylase can promote digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, lactoferrin can increase the bivalent iron absorption, make the nutrients in breast milk is almost universal use absorbed by babies.

Breast milk has a great benefit, often neglected by people, it is low allergenic. With allergic disease increased year by year, more and more my mother began to reflect on or remorse

that failed to breastfeeding your baby. Why do you say breast milk is the hypoallergenic? This is because the molecular structure of the protein in milk, and milk have bigger

difference, such as amino acid sequence in human babies are more likely to breast milk protein recognition for their own, and the general formula of milk protein as a foreign, is potentially dangerous substances. As a result, many of the international authoritative institutions including the world health organization (who) have suggested, pure

breast-feeding 4-6 months above is one of the best ways to prevent the baby allergies.

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