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7、忌仍用鼻子呼吸,应暂时改用口进行呼吸。一般鼻出血,最常见的、出血部位是鼻中隔前区,此处血管丰富,粘膜较薄,位置又偏前下,最容易受外界刺 激,一般多为单侧鼻孔出血。一旦发生,除积极治疗病因外,正确的应急方法是:病人稍微低头,用手指轻轻按住出血那侧鼻孔,再采取其他方法:



Winter weather is dry, the baby is easy to lose, nosebleeds, nasal bleeding is very severe, sometimes parents are very worried, but experts say parents in hurry, don't lost in these myths.

Baby nasal bleeding, his parents should avoid the following seven pitfalls:

1, be calm, avoid panic, because www.ajsdjj.com mental stress is adverse to stop bleeding.

2, avoid is tilted his head. Look up, before the nostril after the outflow of blood will flow freely to the nostril, then through the nose to mouth, in this way, it is not easy to blood coagulation into pieces, it is difficult to stop the bleeding.

3, avoid finger tightly hold two nostrils, because this makes the blood flow elsewhere.

Because the nose and mouth, eyes, ears are interlinked, blood can flow from these places, "seven holes bleeding caused by severe cases.

4, avoid paper regiment, leaves the nasal cavity. This method not only can not meet the hemostatic purpose, on the contrary will stab the nasal mucosal blood vessels, causing more serious bleeding.

5, avoid cloth or cotton nasal cavity, because may leave fiber in the nose, causing bleeding again.

6, avoid is used a spittoon blood. To bow down before the body posture to the spittoon vomiting blood, on the one hand, because of the patient's head is too low, can make more bleeding; Another aspect spittoon www.makayikanggw.com water mixed with blood, show what was the amount of bleeding, the patient mental tension, also can increase bleeding. 7, avoid is still breathe through his nose, should be temporarily switched to the mouth to breathe. Generally nasal bleeding, the most common, the area before the bleeding is the septum, the rich blood vessels, mucous membrane is thinner, location and partial before, the most vulnerable to external stimulating, more commonly for unilateral nose bleeding. Once occurred, in addition to the active treatment cause, correct emergency method is: the patient down a little, with his fingers, gently hold the bleeding the nostril to adopt other methods:

(1) the nasal tamping, with clean gauze or toilet paper, rolled into the appropriate degree of small volume, into the nose bleeding;

(2) with the towel with cold water as forehead, nose, cold, make blood vessels encounter cold stimulation and contraction, so as to achieve hemostasis. After this treatment, are generally not severe nasal bleeding can stop right there. If the bleeding is more, and

myself unable to stop, you should go to a hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment in time.

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