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Vocabulary preview
accustomed shuttle historic tune witness assume patience in spite of advanced at the very beginning of burst adj. 习惯的 n. 航天飞机 adj. 历史性的 v. 收看,收听 v. 目击,亲历 v. 假定,假设 n. 耐心 不管 adj. 高级的,先进的 在……一开始的时候

v. 爆炸

Task one
1.Main idea of each para. 2.Discuss in groups and find out the language points .

Space: the Final Frontier Part1: human exploration of the universe
Para. 1:

Part 2: a description about the Challenger disaster

Para. 2: Single spaceships

Paras. 3-5:

first moon landing


and the first
shuttle flight


Language points
1.accustomed adj. 习惯的;适应的 搭配 be accustomed to (doing) sth. =be used to (doing) sth. 习惯于(做)某事(表示状态) get/become accustomed to (doing)sth. =get used to (doing) sth. 习惯于(做)某事(表示动作) 在be/get/become accustomed to中to是介词,后接名 词、代词或v.ing。

知识拓展 accustom vt. 使……习惯于 accustom oneself to 使自己习惯于某事 He quickly accutomed_himself_to this new way of life. 他很快就习惯了这种新的生活方式。

2.assume vt. 假定,假设;承担;呈现,假装 知识拓展 assume that 假定,认为…… assume...to be... 认为……是;假定……是 assume the duty/responsibility 承担责任 assuming that 假定……(作状语)

即学即用 We all can go out for a picnic this afternoon— ________ that the others agree. A.to assume B.assumed C.assume D.assuming 答案:D

7.in spite of 尽管;不顾;不管 知识拓展 in spite of=despite (prep.) 尽管;不管 in spite of the fact that 不管这个事实 regardless of 不管,不顾 提示:in spite of=despite 是介词短语,后跟名词、代 词或动名词作让步状语;although/though/as 是从属连词, 后跟句子作让步状语。 ①In_spite_of all his efforts, he failed in the exam. 尽管他很努力,但是还是没有通过考试。 ②In_spite_of the heavy snow, he drove downtown. 尽管下着大雪,他还是开车去了城里。

Practice makes perfect.
1.--They are quiet ,aren’t they?—Yes,they are accustomed____at meals.(江苏) A. to talk B. not to talk C. to talking D. to not talking 2. We all can go out for a picnic this afternoon— ________ that the others agree. A.to assume B.assumed C.assume D.assuming 3. In order to find the witness _____ the murder, the police visited a great many citizens. A for B towards C to D on 4.______the cold weather,the volunteer came to clean the street as usual.(大连模拟) A.In spite of B. Though C.Although D.Regardless of

Task two

Timeline in1961 in 1969

in 1973 in 1981 in 1975 in 1986

in 2001 in 2005 in 2003

The conquest of the Universe

1.handout. 2.Reading and vocabulary (2)p

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