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1. I say you do

When T says the words or sentences Ss need to do the actions but no voice.

2. I do you say

When T do the actions Ss need to say the words or sentences.

3. Listen and point

T will put some word cards on the blackboard and ask several Ss come to the front. When T say out the each word they must poin to the word as quickly as they can.

4. Build bridge

Invite all the students come to the front and stand in a line, two students of them need make a bridge with their hands,now we will sing a song together,at the same time the other Ss can cross the bridge one by one.When T says stop that student need to says the sentence out.

5. Roll call

When we need to practice some words we can play this game.One student says the word and point to the other student quickly, if someone say and point slowly, he will be pass.

6. Traffic light

T will draw the traffic light on the blackboard first .When T points to the green light, Ss need to read the word or sentence, but when T points to the red light, Ss must keep silent.

7. Passing sentences

Divide the class into two groups, ask them to say out the sentence one by one,the faster group is winner.

8. Flash cards

T will show the word cards quickly and Ss need to speak out them as faster as they can . 9. High and Low Voice

When T says “ticket” in high voice, you need to say it in low voice.(首先用HIGH VOICE) When T says “ticket” in low voice, you need to say it in high voice.

10. Magic Fingers (How many fingers, how many times)

1) When T shows five fingers, you need to say the word \ Sentence five times.

2) When T shows five fingers, you need to say the word \ sentence four times ( five minus one)

3) When T shows five fingers, you need to say the word \ sentence six times ( five and one

is six)

11. Whispering game

Firstly, you need to stand in two lines. The first student you need to come here, I will whisper you a word \ sentence, and when I say “start”, you need to pass it down quickly and lightly, the last student you need to speak it out or do it quickly. Let’s see which group is faster .

12. Train game

One student, one word but you need to make a sentence.

13. Trick game

When T says the word correctly, you need to read after me, but if I say it uncorrectly, you need to keep silent or read the correct word

14. Bomb game

Draw a bomb under several words.

When T says the word correctly, you need to read after me, but if I say it uncorrectly, you need to keep silent and cover the head with your hands

15. Music chair *( Sentences Teaching)

Put five \ four chairs in a circle

I will invite six students to come here, you need to stand in a circle and sing a song, when I say “stop”, you need to sit down quickly. The rest students need to answer the question.

16. What’s missing?

Firstly, students read the words after teacher several times, and then ask Ss to close the eyes, T needs to remove one card quickly, Ss open the eyes and guess what is missing.

17. Quick action

Select several students to come to the front, and then give each student one card.

When T says the word they have got, the student need to crouch three times and at the same time, say it three times.

18. Complete the sentence

I will give you one sentence, you need to complete the sentence.

For example, “ What nationality are you?”

If I say “ What nationality ”, you need to say “are you? ”

19. The wind blows

T needs to give every student one word, but part of the Ss need to have the same word.

When T says “The wind blows”, you need to ask “blows what?” I will say “blows the students with “keyboard”, the students with this word need to exchange your seats.

20. Passing down

Firstly, T needs to give one student a ball, if I say “start”, we need to say “passing down, passing down, passing, passing, passing down” together. At the same time, you need to pass the ball down one by one student. When I say “stop”, the student with the ball needs to stand up and answer our question or read the word.

21.Frozen man

Ss sing a song or recite the text, when T says “stop”, you need to be a frozen man and don’t move.

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