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Some parents understand to the many aspects of newborn babies is not too much, for example: baby burp, once when the baby burps, mothers always try so hard, often went, small make up today will introduce you to a newborn www.xzymy.com hiccupping response method and the method of prevention of neonatal hiccups.

A burp, newborn approach

Everyday without other diseases and sudden hiccups, hic high strong and continuous, usually caused by a cold cool, but to drink some hot water, at the same time the chest covered cotton warm clothing, winter can also be a hot water bag in the peripheral outer insulation, sometimes can not.


2 Delivery time or if seizures often can be in hot water bubble is a small amount of orange peel, orange peel has hydrophobic factors, stomach turbidity, and the effect of temper), when the water temperature is suitable www.yzxyjx.net for drinking, cold suitable hic since the check.

If due to the stagnation of milk or no milk, hiccup can not digest the sour odor smell, xiaoshi guide lag methods are available, and such as the chest gently massage with

air-entraining downward or YinFu hawthorn water air purge (hawthorn taste sour xiaoshi jianwei, increase the secretion of digestive enzymes), shun food gets the hic since the check.

Neonatal burping is a benign self-limited more hiccups, no adult that uncomfortable

feeling, "play" will soon good, of course to the newborn hiccups should also give priority to in order to prevent, progress of children crying qi depression should not be eating, eat milk to have the correct posture position, newborns breastfeeding, such as breast milk is very sufficient, when eating, should avoid to make the milk flow too fast;

Artificial feeding children, eat to also want to avoid nasty, fast, ice, very hot, sucking in fewer swallow slow pharynx, newborns in hiccup available teasing the toy or send out soft music to transfer their modern, reduce the frequency of the hiccups.

In fact, the prevention of neonatal method is more simple than dealing with oh hiccups. Second, the methods to prevent neonatal hiccups

1, don't cry in baby excessive hunger or very fierce when breastfeeding.

2, when the weather is cold, pay attention to the baby to keep warm, avoid catch a cold body.

3, whether breastfeeding or formula milk, don't let the baby to eat too fast or too urgent.


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