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“早 教班最好不要在闹市区,要远离噪音污染源,采光条件要好。”168早教中心园长盛思平说,选择早教机构时 ,一定要细心甄别,实地考察他们的师资、管理者及环境等因素,最重要的是一定要看看选择的早教机构是否正规,看早教机构的研究成果是否在专业领域被认可, 是否适合宝宝的健康成长。








How old baby should start early? ChengSiPing said, the baby was born early education could be the next day, after 6 months later can learn in the early education centre. The baby early education, parents accompanied by best

"It is best not to teach class in downtown, to stay away from the noise pollution, better lighting conditions." 168 early education www.zshtech.com center director ChengSiPing said, choosing early education institutions, must be carefully screened, visit their teachers, managers, and environmental factors such as, the most important is must see if early

2 education institutions select normal, whether the research achievements of early

education institutions to be recognized in their field, whether suitable for baby's healthy growth.

ChengSiPing stressed that early education not only the education of infants, especially for parents and caregivers' education. As, recently www.baigoo.net hit "the dad where to go," tian said: "before you become a good child, I'll become a great dad, accompany you slowly grow up." Parents and caregivers not improve their education level and

psychological quality, it is easy to early education leads to greater mistake.

"Parents and best baby join early education class together, grow together. No matter the work again busy, everyday want to spend more time with baby." ChengSiPing said. Let the baby learn to share

Through 15 years of infant education, ChengSiPing are summarized for 0-3 years old infants and young children, should treasure treasure mom dad do some attention.

ChengSiPing said, 0 and 1 year old baby, mostly still not normal to express their wishes, temper is generally. Baby is hungry, for example, are usually very try so hard, when the parents see fed milk powder, because the water is very hot, need to wait for a moment, at this time, parents should learn to make baby laugh and so on way, scattered children's attention.

1 to 2 years old baby, parents should pay attention to cultivate the ability to discern. For example, when you see their favorite toys, is noisy, I want parents to meet every time, easy to spoil the child. At this time, parents should learn patiently and baby analysis, reasonable, let baby to know what is needed, what is not needed.

"The baby 2-3 years of age, must learn to share." ChengSiPing said, some can take baby to the parent-child activities, in activities, let the baby with other more baby play, such as sharing toys, share the cookies.

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