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【摘 要】目的:观察加味六味洗剂蒸发罨包对儿童脓疱疮的疗效。方法:76例患者随机分为治疗组和对照组,治疗组给予加味六味洗剂蒸发罨包,对照组给予0.1%的利凡诺溶液蒸发罨包。两组均采用氦-氖激光照射治疗15分钟/次, 1次/天。结果:治疗组有效率优于对照组(p<0.05)。治疗组未见明显不良反应。结论:加味六味洗剂蒸发罨包对儿童脓疱疮的疗效肯定,值得临床推广。


【中图分类号】r 753 【文献标识码】a 【文章编号】1004- 7484(2012)04- 0128- 02

【abstract】objective:to observe the clinical effect and safety of therapy evaporation wet dressingwith liuwei

solution and its additives on treating patients with impetigo. methods:using liuwei solution and its additives as therapeutic group, simply use 0.1% rivanol solution as control group. at the same time, all groups use treatment of he-ne laser irradiation. results:the overall treating courses of therapeutic group were apparently superior to that of the control group (p<0.05). in the period of the

observation, severe side effects weren’t found.conclusion:the evaporation wet dressing with liuwei solution and its additives is effective for treat impetigo.

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