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一、 形容词各等级的用法:

1、 原级(同级)比较:as…as…; not as(so)…as…

We’ll give you as much help as we can.

She isn’t as(so)active in sports as before.

2. 比较级:表示两者之间比…… 更……可用状语much, a little, even等修饰 He made fewer mistakes than I did.

He is even richer than I.

3、 高级:形容词最高级前必须加the, 副词最高级前常省略the,后面多用of……, in……短语表示范围:

It was the most/least interesting story I have ever listened.

He is the tallest of the three.

4、 如果在两者之间表示“最……”时要在比较级前加the,而且还用of the two, of the pair短语:

John is the clever of the two boys.

Of the two boys, John is the clever.

二、 重点与难点:

1、 as…as…结构:你和汤姆是一样好的孩子。

You’re a boy as good as Tom.=You’re as good a boy as Tom.

2、 (1)too…to与 so…that sb.can’t…的句型转换:前者为简单句,主语只有一个,而后者为复合句,主语有两个,试比较:

The man was too angry to be able to speak.

The man was so angry that he wasn’t able to speak.

(2) too…to…与 not enough to句型的转换:

The book is too difficult for me to read.=

The book is not easy enough for me to read.

3、 形容词原级表示比较级含义:

John is not so stupid as Mike.

John is less stupid than Mike.

John is cleverer than Mike.

4、 用比较级表示最高级:约翰是班里最高的男生。

John is taller than any other boy in the class.

John is the tallest boy in the class.

John is taller than any other boy.

5、 the more….. the more….表示“越……越……”:

The more books you read, the wider your knowledge is.

The more food you eat, the fatter you are.

6、 more and more….表示“越来……越……”:

More and more students realized the importance of a foreign language. Our country is getting stronger and stronger.


1. She is ________ than ________ .

A. busier / us B. busier / we

C. more busy / us D. more busy / we

2. Jane is ________ than Betty.

A. less taller B. less tallest

C. less tall D. not as tall

3. China is ________ country in the world.

A. the third largest B. the largest third

C. the third large D. a third largest

4、 -Which is ____ season in Beijing? --I think it's autumn.

A.good B.better

C.best D.the best

5、 - Which is__________ , the sun, the moon or the earth?-- Of course, the moon is.

A.small B.smaller

C.smallest D.the smallest

6.The air in Beijing is getting much _____ now than a few years ago.

A. clean B. cleaner

C. cleanest D. the cleanest

7. Mobile phones are very popular now and they are _____ than before.

A. cheap B. cheaper

C. cheapest D. the cheapest

8.I study English as_______as my brother.

A.hard B. harder

C. hardest

9. Which is _____ , a bicycle or a computer?

A.expensive B.more expensive

C.the most expensive

10. The Yellow River is one of ______rivers in China.

A long

B longer

C the longest

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