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( )1.(2013.凉山) - Would you like to go shopping with me, Carmen?

- I'd love to, _______ you don t want to go alone.

A until B. before C. if

( )2.(2013.无锡) - How long does it take to get to the airport?

- Forty minutes. But it's foggy today. I'm not sure _______ the highway will be closed soon. Let's set off earlier.

A whether B. when C. how D. why

( )3.(2013.陕西) Go downstairs, _______ stand in line on the playground as soon as possible.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

( )4. (2013.南通) You won't work out the problem _______ you understand it. So listen to me explain now.

A. since B. when C. unless D. though

( )5.(2013.淮安) Many people do not realize the importance of health _______ they have fallen

A. until B while C. when. D. after

( )6. (2013.杭州) I think he's been drinking, _______ I'm not completely sure.

A if B. though C. until D. as

( )7.(2013.威海) - How do you like the two pairs of trousers?

- They don't fit me well. They are _______ too long _______ too short.

A. not only; but also B. both; and

C. neither; nor D. either; or

( )8. (2013.苏州) We're going to Suzhou Amusement Park in Linda's car. You can come with us _______ you can meet us there later.

A or B. but C. and D. then

( )9.(2013.重庆) I'll go to visit my aunt in England _______ the summer holidays start.

A while B. since

C. until D. as soon as

( )10. (2013.内江) - You have been in Neijiang very long?

- Yeah. _______ my parents came here.

A For B. As C. When D. Since

( )11.(2013.恩施)

_______ our teacher is ill, _______ he still comes to our class to teach us.

A Though; but

B. Though; /

C. Although; but

( )12. (2013.盐城) I thought the actor was famous, _______ none of my friends has ever heard of him

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