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大田县2011年初中毕业生质量检测卷听力材料 I.听力

A.看图听句子,选出与句子意思相符的图 句子读两遍

1.Pandas live only in China. They feed on bamboo.

2. It’s hot. I will buy a T-shirt for my son.

3. Look at the boy. He is very angry.

4. He is playing the violin. The music sounds sweet.

5. Jim prefers playing football and he is good at it.

B.听对话,根据你所听到的内容,选择正确的答案 对话读两遍


W: How beautiful! A white world everywhere!

M: Let’s go skiing.


M: Excuse me, which is the way to the bookstore?

W: Go along this street, and turn left. You’ll see the bookstore next to the post office. 听下面一段对话,回答第8小题

M: Is Tom playing computer games now?

W: No, he is busy making a model plane. He wants to get the first prize in the competition. 听下面一段对话,回答第9、10小题

W: Could I speak to Bill, please?

M: Sorry, he has gone to Xiamen on business. Can I take a message for you?

W: Thanks. Please ask him to call me back. This is Mary. My phone number is 5625867. W: 5625867. OK, I’ll tell him as soon as he comes back.

W: Thanks a lot.


W: Can I help you, sir?

M: Yes, please. I want a red scarf for my mother’s birthday.

W: Here you are. It’s 50 dollars.

M: Wow, it’s very beautiful, but I’m afraid it’s too expensive.

W: What about this yellow one? It’s nice and cheap, only 20 dollars.

M: Great! I’ll take it.


W: Hi, Steven. Would you like to save the environment?

M: Well, how can we do that?

W: By saving water. Not use too much water when we wash dishes, take a bath and other things. M : Yes. That’s easy. What else?

W: You can ride a bike. Don’t drive a car or take a taxi if you don’t have to.

M: That will save money, too. Anything else?

W: Try to recycle paper.

M: Mmm… We get a lot of paper at home. Good idea.

W: And last, take a bag when you go shopping. Don’t use plastic bags.

M: OK. I’ll tell my parents. They do most of the shopping. Thanks for your ideas.

C.听短文,根据你所听到的内容,选择正确答案 短文读两遍

Mr Green is a doctor in New York City. He has one week off every July for the summer holiday. Last summer he decided to take a trip to San Francisco. He didn’t want to go by air. He really wanted to see the United States, so he took the train. The train left New York City on Monday. During the long trip, he looked out of the window and watched the country go by. For four days, He didn’t get off the train. He often took walks through the train and talked with the other people.

Finally on Thursday, the train stopped in San Francisco. When he got off the train, he saw a poster on the wall of the station. It said: Wanted! Volunteer doctors in the earthquake areas! Mr. Green went to help the injured people. He had been busy the whole week, but he was happy.

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