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1.John was given _______ orange bag for his birthday but ______ bag was lost just now.

A.an,a B.a,the C.the,a D.an,the

2.There's ________ old tree near _______ house. A.a,an B.an,the C.a,the D.the,a

3.There is ___ 800-metre-long road behind ___ hospital.A.an,an B.a,a C.an,the D.a,the

4._______ good,kind girl she is! A.How B.What a C.What D.How a

5.________ bad weather!I hope it won't last long. A.How B.What C.What a D.How a

6._______ they are listening to the teacher!

A.How careful B.What careful C.How carefully D.What carefully

由上例题我们可以发现冠词和感叹句是必考内容。同样,象宾语从句的语序、代词的格、主谓语一致、动词和介词的搭配、近义词的比较以及习惯表达法和情态动词的使用等,无一不在考查之列。 所有这一切语言基础知识,我都将通过对典型试题的解题分析,展开讨论,分层展示难易对比,系统归纳。 对于语言基础知识是这样处理,那么对以能力测试为主要目的的中考其他试题形式又该怎么办呢? 这里我们以一篇完形填空题为例:

A poor farmer had never left his small village.After he(1) a lot of money,he decided to spend a holiday in an expensive hotel(旅馆)in a bigtown.(2)lunch time came on his first day there,he went to eat in the restaurant(餐馆)of the hotel(3) his new clothes.The head waiter(服务员)(4)him to the table,took his order and went away.When he turned and (5)the farmer again,he had a (6)!The farmer had tied(系)his table cloth round his (7).

The head waiter told another waiter to go to the farmer and (8) him that people (9) do such a thing in his restaurant.So the waiter went tothe farmer and said in a (10) voice(声音),"Good morning,sir.Would you like a haircut?"

1.A.lent B.made C.paid D.gave

2.A.During B.Though C.When D.Because

3.A.for B.with C.on D.in

4.A.wanted B.put C.showed D.brought

5.A.looked at B.watched C.saw D.found

6.A.look B.rest C.table cloth D.surprise

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