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2013届江苏南通海安县初三学业水平测试(一模)英语卷(带解析) 单项选择

1.Our teacher suggests us that watching TV at _______ most _______ hour a day during the winter holiday.

A.the; a B.a; an C.不填; a D.不填; an

2.— I hear that John has gone to Japan for a visit. Do you know it? — He made no ________ of his journey before.

A.memory B.mention C.member D.message

3.We hope our country can _______ a way to solve the problem of Diaoyu Island.

A.catch up with B.put off C.come up with D.come out of

4.The temperature now is much higher than______of 100 years ago because of more and more greenhouse gas.

A.this B.that C.it D.one

5.Wu Bing is remembered _______ the most beautiful driver because he devoted his life _______ his work.

A.for; into B.as; to C.for; to D.as; into

6.— How much are the two pairs of trousers?

— They are not expensive. I think one hundred dollars ______ enough.

A.is B.are C.were D.was

7.— Be quiet, the head teacher Mr. Gu is coming.

— Don’t worry. It _____ be him. Mr. Gu is much fatter.

A.mustn’t B.may not C.needn’t D.can’t

8.— When did Prince William and Kate get married?

— They ______ for about two years.

B.have been D.have got A.have married C.got married married married

9.— My cousin often has nothing for breakfast, ______ she?

— ______. Because she often gets up late and is afraid of being late for school.

A.has; Yes B.doesn’t; No C.does; No D.hasn’t; Yes

10.—I don’t know which skirt was ______, so I took them both. —Yes, it’s really difficult to choose.

A.better B.well C.best D.good

11.The young girl couldn't afford a new car. ______, she bought a used one.

A.Besides B.Otherwise C.Since D.Instead

12.— What is Mom cooking in the kitchen?

— Fish, I guess. How nice it _______!

A.looks B.smells C.sounds D.tastes

13.— We’ll have _______ holiday in June. Will you go home? — No. If I go home, I’ll have to take_______ ride.

A.a one-week; seven days B.an one-week; a seven day’s

C.a one-week; a seven days’ D.an one-week’s; a seven days’

14.— Could you show me _______?

— Sure.

A.what can I do with the bike B.how I could do with the bike

C.which was the way to the zoo D.where he lives

15.— I believe we’ve met here before.

— No, ________. It’s the first time I’ve been here.

A.it isn’t the C.I don’t think B.it’s true D.I believe so same so


1.Mary’s dime(一毛钱)

It was Sunday afternoon. I decided to clean up the room nicely so that my parents would feel 1 when they returned from a long ride! Then, I sat in the room, having nothing to do.

What else could I do? Then, with no reason, I suddenly 2 the pale face of that little beggar(乞丐) girl. I could see the glad light 3 her eyes when I put the dime in her little dirty hand. How much I 4 that dime, too! Grandpa gave it to me a whole month ago, and I had kept it ever since in my red box upstairs, but those sugar apples looked so attractive, and were so 5 — only a dime a piece — that I wanted to have one.

I could imagine the little girl stood there in front of the 6 in her old dirty dress, looking at the 7 that were put all in a row in the window. I wonder what I should say, “Little girl, what do you want?” I gently asked. She felt 8 and looked straight at me, just as if(似乎)nobody had spoken so 9 to her before. She realized what I had meant, so she said seriously and sadly. “I was thinking how good one of those delicious hamburgers would 10 . I haven’t had anything to eat today.”

Now I thought to myself, “Mary Williams, you have had a good breakfast and a good lunch today, 11 this poor girl has not had a mouthful yet. You can give her your 12 . She needs it a great deal more than you do.”

I could not run away from that little girl’s sad, 13 look — so I dropped the dime right into her hand. How 14 the girl was! I am so glad I gave her the dime, 15 I had to go without the apple lying there in the window.

【小题1】 A.disturbed B.unhappy C.satisfied D.interested

【小题2】 A.saw B.remembered C.forgot D.described

【小题3】 A.filling B.protecting C.attracting D.touching

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