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2013届江苏南通通州区九年级中考适应性考试英语卷(带解析) 单项选择

1.Lisa is _________ exchange student from Britain, but she knows a lot about China.

A.a B.an C.the D./

2.The Voice of China became one of _________ TV shows last year.

D.the most A.popular B.more popular C.much popular popular

3.I enjoy the street dance “hip-hop”, but _________ my father _________ my mother likes it.

D.not only; but A.both; and B.neither; nor C.either; or also

4.Sandy didn’t tell her parents that she was going home because she wanted to give them

a _________.

A.gift B.call C.surprise D.note

5.—Mom, Bill is coming to dinner this evening.

—OK. Let’s give him _________to eat.

A.something different B.different something

C.anything different D.different anything

6.On March 23, many people took part in “_________ Lights” activity to help save energy.

A.Turn off B.Show off C.Take off D.Put off

7.Some frightening pets _________ be kept home so that they won’t hurt others.

A.can B.may C.must D.need

8.It’ll be a great honour if I _________ to the charity evening party next week.

D.will be A.invite B.am invited C.will invite invited

9.We can hardly tell what life without the Internet will be like in the future, _________?

A.can we B.can’t we C.will it D.won’t it

10. A stamp is made _________ paper. Do you know what paper is made _________?

A.of; of B.from; from C.from; of D.of; from

11.Could you tell me _________ find another interesting detective story to read?

A.where I can B.where can I C.where I could D.where could I

12.The doctor says that you will end up in hospital _________ you go on smoking like that.

A.unless B.if C.because D.until

13.My headache _________ me. I thought it was going away, but now it’s getting worse.

A.killed B.kills C.is killing D.has killed

14.Tom doesn’t know _________ Chinese because he has learned it for only _________ weeks.

D.little; a A.much; a few B.little; a few C.much; a little little

15.— I think travelling by train is more comfortable than travelling by plane.

—_________. In my opinion, travelling by plane is more comfortable.

A.I agree with you B.I couldn’t agree more

C.You’re right D.I’m afraid it isn’t



On my first day of the sixth grade, I noticed one little girl called Amy on the school bus. “Don’t 1 her,” Lauren said, who sat beside me, “or they will make fun of you.” Amy had many physical differences —lots of 2 for other kids to

make fun of her. Her eyes weren’t straight. Her glasses were an inch thick. And she had really ugly teeth.

Every day as we drove to school, kids would shout insults (侮辱) at Amy. “God, what a

3 face! Stop looking at me!” “Mr. Rolland (the driver)! Amy took off her 4 , and now her eyes are frightening me! Make her put them back on!” I also did that because I didn’t want them to treat me the same way they treated Amy.

But while I was insulting her, my heart 5 for the girl. I could see that the insults were making her look 6 , because she was so ashamed and alone. Then I wanted to stand up for her. I just didn’t know how to stop my schoolmates 7 the night of our class roller skating party.

Our whole class was there, including Amy. Amy didn’t know how

to 8 , but I could see how much she wanted to 9 like the rest of us. So I skated over to her and took her by the hand. We began the journey together around the skating rink. She just smiled, and sometimes she would laugh in 10 .

On the school bus the next morning there was much news about Amy and

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