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1. English is___ useful language in ___ world.

A an, the B a, the C the, / D /,the

2. What ___ interesting book it is!

A a B an C the D /

3. He will be back in ___ hour.

A / B the C a D an

4. He usually goes to school on ___ foot.

A a B an C the D /

5. Beijing is ___ capital of our country.

A the B an C / D a

6. Look at___ picture! There's___ house in it.

A a ,a B the, the C a, the D the, a

7. Which is the ___to the bus stop, please?

A road B way C street D address

8. These foreign friends are___.

A German B Germen C Germany D Germans

9. How many ___can you see in the picture?

A tomatos B tomatoes C tomato D the tomato

10. — ___is the meat. Please?

— Ten yuan a kilo.

A How much B How many C How old D How long

11. The boy's name is James Allen Green. So his given name is___.

A James Allen B Allen Green C James Green D Mr. Green

12. Shanghai is one of the biggest___in our country.

A city B city's C citys D cities

13. Would you please pass me___?

A two paper B two papers C two pieces of paper D two pieces of papers

14. September 10th is ___Day.

A Teacher B Teachers C Teacher's D Teachers'

15. I only have___ bread for lunch today.

A a bit B a bit of C little D few

16. “What would you like, Ann? ”“I'd like two___.”

A glass of milk B glasses of milk C glass of milks D glasses of milks

17. There isn't ___ paper in the box. Will you go and get ___ for me?

A any, some B any, any C some, some D some, any

18. June 1st is___.

A Children's day B children's Day C Children's Day D children's day

19. All the students are busy, so___ of them will go to the cinema.

A many B little C a few D few

20. There are three___and seven___in the picture.

A deers, sheeps B deers, sheep C。 deer, sheep D。deer, sheeps

21. Whose room is this? It's___.

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