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1. We ___________ each other since then.

A didn’t see B don’t see

C hasn’t seen D haven’t seen

2. The Greens moved to Shanghai___________.

A. last week ago B. for a week C. in a week D. a week ago

3. He spends half an hour ____________ TV every evening.

A to watch B watching C on watching D watch 4.Mike take a bus to the office, but now he walking there.

A. is used to, is used to

C. is used to, used to B. used to, used to D. used to, is used to

5.When I passed the river, I saw some children ______ on the sand.

A. play B. were playing C.playing D. played

6. The old man lives in the village____ , but he never feels______.

A alone; lonely B lonely; alone

C alone; alone D lonely; lonely

7. He’s never been to Beijing,_______?

A.does he B. doesn’t he C. has he D .hasn’t he

8. Sandy _________ Hong Kong. She will come back next week.

A went to B goes to C has gone to D has been to

9. She’s never been to the USA,______________ ?

A is she B isn’t she C has she D hasn’t she

10. We spend as much time as we can _____ English.

A. learn B. to learn C. learning D. have learnt

11.-I’m going on a trip to Japan after the exam.

-Really? ___________!

A. Have a nice time B. Congratulations

C. OK D. It’s nice of you

12.There __________ great changes in Shuyang over the years.

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