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1. 全卷满分为95分,考试时间90分钟。试卷共7页,有6大题,61小题。

2. 本卷答案必须写在答卷纸的相应位置上,写在试卷上无效。答卷纸共2页。




1. --- Oh, no .Where is my purse ?

--- Don’t worry .I saw _______ black one in the drawer .Is it yours ?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

2. --- How is the _______ in Hangzhou ?

--- Awful. There are always long lines of cars on roads .

A. culture B. food C. weather D. traffic

3. --- I got the last ticket to Jay Chou’s concert.

--- What a ______guy you are !

A. lazy B. lucky C. serious D. funny

4. --- Have you decided where to spend your holiday ?

--- Not yet . I ______ go to Britain .

A. may B. need C. must D. have to

5 . --- Is Mary _______ friend, Alice?

---No, she is a friend of ______.

A. yours; Jim B. your; Jim’s C. his; me D. you; mine

6. --- Remember to spend some time _____ your loved ones ,because they’re not going to be

around forever .

--- OK.

A. from B. with C .in D. on

7. --- When did you buy this computer? It looks so new.

--- I it for only a couple of days. My sister bought it for me as a birthday present.

A. bought B. have bought C. have had

--- In two weeks.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How far

9. ---What did your granddaughter say just now?

--- She wondered ___________.

A. what time was it

B. whether the book was written by Mark Twain

C. how could she use the MP4

D. when she will have a final test

D. had – 8. ---________ will your parents come back from New York, Tom?

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