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1. ___ there a cat under the chair?

A Are B Is C Has D Have

2. There ___ a pencil box and three pens on the desk.

A .is B. are C. has D. have

3. There _______a sports meeting in our school next week.

A. will have B. will be C. is going to have D. are going to be

4. There is little water in the glass, ___ ?

A is it B is there C isn't it D isn't there

5. Neither you nor I ___ on the team.

A are B were C am D is

6. Not until 9:00, ______ into the classroom.

A. did he come B. he did come C. cames he D. he came

7. Not only ____finished the project, not also we have finished the work.

A. have they B. they have C. did they D. they

8. Neither ____a car, nor _____a house.

A. did he buy, did, he buy B. he bought, he bought

C. did he buy, he bought D. he bought, did he buy

9. Only when he realizes it, _____the mistakes.

A. he can correct B. can he correct C. can correct he D. correct can he

10. He _____arrive at the village on a cold morning.

A. has B. did C. is D. does

11. It is in the city of Suining ______you can find a relaxing place to live.

A. who B. that C. where D. which

12. Your brother came to see you, ___ ?

A does he B doesn't he C did he D didn't he

13. It's not getting cloudy, ___ ?

A does' it B doesn't it C is it D isn't it

14. Mr Green’s never been to Beijing, ___ ?

A has he B hasn't he C did he D didn't he

15. The young woman can hardly ride a bike, ___ she?

A doesn't B does C can't D can

16. Li Mei read the newspaper to the granny, ___ ?

A does she B didn't she C did she D wasn't she

17. ___ keep me waiting so long.

A Not B Won't C Don't D Not to

18. Mother said to him, "Never ___ on football."

A spend too much time B to spend too much time

C spend too many time D to spend too many time

19. Let’s _____our discussion, __________?

A. begin, shall we B. to begin, will you C. beginning, do we D. begin, will you

20. ___ sunny day! Let's go out for a walk.

A How a B How C What a D What

21. ___ delicious food! I'd like some more.

A what a B How a C What D How

22. - ___ bad weather!

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