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A 试卷类型:


英 语 试 题



1. 本试题分第I卷和第II卷两部分。第I卷75分,第II卷45分,共120分,考试时音为120分钟。

2. 请在答卷前先把自己的姓名、准考证号、考试科目和试卷类型涂写在答题卡上。考试结束时,试题和答题 卡一并交回;

3. 请将第I卷选择题答案标号用2B铅笔涂在答题卡上,一定要看清楚题号并且涂得清楚。

第I卷 ( 共75分)



1. A. No, thanks.

2. A. Yes, I do. B. No, I wouldn’t C. Sorry, I don’t know. B. Yes, I have. C. Yes, I did.

C. It’s 3:00 C. You’re right.

C. She’s fine, thanks 3. A. It’s Monday. 4. A. Yes, please. B. It’s June 15. B. Thank you. 5. A. I’m fine, thanks. B. He’s fine, thanks.

(二) 听对话和问题,选择符合每个问题答案的画图,每段对话和问题读两遍。



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11. Who are they?

A. A mom and a son. B. A doctor and a patient. C. A teacher and a student.

12. What are they talking about?

A. Where to eat lunch. B. How to be against rules. C. What to do on the playground.


13.Where's Kate's pocket money?

A. She saves it. B. She spends it. C. She lends it to Peter.

14. How much does Peter lend to Kate at last?

A, 10 pounds. B. 15 pounds. C. 20 pounds

15. When will Kate pay back the money?

A. On Saturday. B. On Sunday. C. On Monday.


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16. On March 11, 2011 _____ earthquake hit Japan.

A. an B. a C. \ D. the

17. The banana pie tastes delicious. Could I have another______?

A. one B. it C. this D. that

18. It can't be Lucy's bike. Look! ______ is under the tree.

A. She B. Her C. Hers D. She's

19. With the help of the Internet, information can ______ every comer of the world quickly.

A. go B. land C. reach D. arrive

20. Teenagers should learn to protect ______ from all kinds of danger.

A. them B. they C. their D. themselves

21. The moonlight goes _____ the window and makes the room bright.

A. across B. through C. over D. in

22. _____ great scientist Qian Xuesen is!

A. How B. How a C. What D. What a

23. After a three hours' long walk, the boys look rather______.

A. excited B. bored C. tired D. stressed

24. ---- Mom, when shall we go to Weifang Museum this weekend?

---- Oh, sorry. I'm going to Beijing for a meeting. ____ Saturday ____. Sunday is OK.

A. Neither, nor B. Both, and C. Either, or D. Not only, but also

25. ---- Which city has _____ population, Shunghai, Hong Kong or Qingdao?

------Shanghai, of course.

A. the smallest B. the least C. the most D. the largest

26. If Tom _____ the game, we'll give him a surprise".

A. win B. win? C. won D. miming

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