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1. old lady with white hair can speak English very well.

A. An; an B. The; an C. The; / D. The; the

2. —Oh, there is someone in the room.

— must be my mother.

A. There B. She C. This D. It

3. I must go now. My mother for me at the bus stop.

A. is waiting B. waits C. waiting D. waited

4. There is a little water in the bottle, A. isn’t it B. is it C. isn’t there D. is there

5. I like writing to my pen friends, but it a lot of time.

A. spends B. costs C. takes D. pays

6. —Do you mind if we play cards here?

—. There’s a sign that says “Quiet”

A. Better not B. Go ahead C. Sure not D. I’d love to

7. You look tired. You to have a rest.

A. must B. may C. should D. need

8. —You have my books for two months.

—Sorry, I’ll return it tomorrow.

A. got B. lent C. borrowed D. kept

9. —Don’t worry. Mum will come to solve the problem.

— she won’t come?

A. What will B. What about C. What if D. How about

10. Forty-five years after it A. was invented B. was inventing C. invents D. invented

11. —Can you tell me play with computers?

—When he was thirteen years old.

A. where Bill Gates began to B. where did Bill Gates begin to

C. where did Bill Gates begin to D. when Bill Gates began to

12. —It’s raining outside. Shall I the clothes in?

—OK. Do it quickly, please.

A. send B. fetch C. hold D. take

13. —Our English teacher works very hard and hardly ever feels tired.

—I think she is really A. confident B. creative C. outgoing D. energetic

14. he I are interested in dancing. We are good friends.

A. Either; or B. Neither; nor C. Both; and D. Not only; but also

15. —I really hope we’ll see the famous singer.

—Maybe, if we are

A. enough lucky B. lucky enough C. unlucky enough D. enough unlucky

答案:1—5 CDACC 6—10 ADDCA 11—15 DBDCC

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