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1.A. street B. straight. C. strict

2.A. feel B. fell C. fall

3.A. sound B. found C. thunder

4.A. nose B. news C. noise

5.A. would like B. would rather C. rather than



6. What should the woman do?

A. B. C.

7. Who will mend (修理) the vase (花瓶) ?

A. B. C.

8. Where can Gina get a part-time job?

A. B C..

A 是post office图,B是服务员在餐厅,C是超市图

9. How does the man go to work now?

A. B. C.

10. How many children are there in the party?

A. B. C.

11. What is the girls problem ?

A. She has too much homework.

B. She can’t understand the teacher in class.

C. She doesn’

t want to do any homework.

12. Why don’t they go to Dan’s clothing store ? A. Because they don’t have enough money. B. Because the clothes there are out of style. C. Because the clothes in Dick’s are cheaper. 13. What happened between the boy and his sister ? A. They did something wrong.

B. They went to buy clothes together. C. They didn’t talk with each other..

14. What kind of the friend would the man like? A. A person who likes the same thing as he does. B. A person who looks the same as him. C. A person who is not the same as him. 15.What does the woman think of PC games ? A. They are boring.

B. They are interesting but bad for studies. C. They are fun and good for studies.



听下面一段对话,回答第16至17题。 16. What’s wrong with Tim? A. His watch is broken. B. His bike is broken. 17. Who can Tim get some money from? A. His friends. B. His sisters. 听下面一段对话,回答第18至20题。 18. How old is Peter? A. Twelve. B. Thirteen. 19. How old is Jane? A. Fourteen. B. Thirteen. 20. How old is Mike? A. Twelve. B. Fifteen.

C. His radio is broken. C. His parents.

C. Fifteen. C. Twelve. C. Sixteen.



21. Children usually get their pocket money from ________. A. father B. mother C. mother and father 22. Tom gets his pocket money _________. A. from his parents B. by talking newspaper to forty families C. by selling newspaper to forty families 23. What are Tom’s parents? A. Teachers B. Workers C. Doctors 24. When does Tom go to school? A. After 7:30. B. After 7:00. C. Before 7:30. 25. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Tom studies hard and often help others

B. Tom’s classmates don’t like him.

C. Both Tom’s classmates and his teacher like him.


你将听到一段对话 。请根据对话内容写出下面表格所缺的单词,每空仅填一词。短文读两遍。

VI.单项选择 (共20小题,每小题1分,共20分)

31. –Where is _________ basketball? –It’s under the bed.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

32. –I like comedies. What about _________? –I like action movies.

A. you B. me C. yours D. mine

33. –Would you like some _________? –No, thanks. I’m full.

A. apple B. banana C. meat D. tomato

34. Black shorts are _________ sale in this shop. They are only $11.

A. in B. to C. at D. on

35. Many people like junk food _________ it’s not very good for health.

A. so B. and C. if D. though

36. Mr White used to drive on the right in the USA, but now he ________ on the left in Hong Kong.

A. used to drive B. is used to drive C. is used to driving D. is used for driving

37. –Could you clean the living room, Kate? It’s too _________. –Sure.

A. lazy B. long C. dirty D. curly

38. My cousin is _________ a teacher and a good singer. She won first prize in the national singing competition last month.

A. both B. all C. each D. every

39. –I don’t like playing computer games. –_________. It wastes too much time.

A. Me, too B. Me neither C. So do I D. So I do

40. The English teacher told us a joke, and it made all of us _________.

A. laugh B. laughed C. laughing D. to laugh

41. Which sign should you look for if you want to go out of a building?

A. B. C. D.

42. –Excuse me. Do you know _________?

–Sorry, I don’t know.

A. does he exercise every day B. who took away my dictionary

C. what do you want to be D. what did he buy for his mother

43. Please _________ to turn off the light when you leave.

A. don’t forget B. not forget C. not to forget D. to forget not

44. –How much does the watch _________? –200 yuan.

A. pay B. take C. spend D. cost

45. –Is Susan watching TV or reading a book? –_________

A. She is shy. B. She is reading. C. Yes, she is. D. No, she isn’t.

46. We should read more good books because they can _________ our eyes.

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