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21.—It?s a long time since I saw my brother.

—Why ________ him this weekend?

A.not to visit B.don?t visit C.not visit D.not visiting

22.—Didn?t you see the sign,sir? Smoking is not allowed here!


A.Never mind B.I?m sorry

C.Don?t mention it D.Sure.I don?t smoke

23.—Excuse me,Miss Smith.Could you tell me how to improve my spoken English? —OK.The best way is to practice ________.

A.as soon as possible B.as quickly as possible

C.as much as possible D.as clear as possible

24.—Would you like to have ________ to drink now?


A.something cool B.cool something

C.anything cool D.cool anything

25. Beijing is a beautiful city. And ____ foreign friends come to visit Beijing every month.

A. many thousand of B. several thousands

C. two thousands D. thousands of

26.—I?m thirsty. Let?s go and have a drink, ____?

—Good idea!

A. will you B. shall I C. shall we D. will we

27. I am interested _____ football, but I am not good _____ it.

A. on; in B. with; for C. in; at D. for; in

28. —________ have you been a reporter?

—For more than three years.

A.How long B.How many C.How soon D.How often

29. —I?m busy right now.Could you come back ________ time?

—OK.See you later.

A.each B.another C.any D. same

30.—Michael?s Chinese is very good. How does he learn Chinese?

—Nobody teaches him. He ______.

A. teaches himself B. taught him C. learns himself D. learned himself

31.—I _____ more than two weeks ____ the work.

—It?s really a little longer.

A. cost; in finishing B. paid; for

C. spent; finishing D. took; to finish

32.—How large is your house?

—It?s _____.

A. long 12 meters and wide 8 meters B. 12 meters wide and 8 meters long

C. 12 meters long and 8 meters wide D. 12-meter-long and 8-meter-wide

33. —I?ll return the book to Mary,but I can?t find her anywhere.

—She ________ the teacher?s office.You can find her there.

A.has left B.was away from

C.has gone to D.has been to

34. We should give a hand to the people ________ need help.

A.who B.whose C.whom D.when

35. —Please tell me ________ for the meeting yesterday.

—Sorry.The traffic was bad.

A.why did you come late B. why you came late

C.when you came late D.when did you come late II、完形填空(10分)


The bicycle is one of the simplest but most useful inventions in the world. What is most pictures for bicycles and also for flying machines and some other things. Those things were not (能源) to make the bicycle move ,and there is no ,most people don?t travel to work It?s on the roads becomes larger. It certainly ride a bike. As a result, more people put their bikes away and go to cars and ,in this way, the create paths (开设通道to take cars into the city that they will go back to use their bicycles.

36 .A. invent B. inventing C. invented

37. A. before B. until C. when

38. A. very little B. quite a lot of C. much

39. A. world B. countries C. land

40. A. lucky. B. glad C. tired

41. A. the number of B. a number of C. this kind of

42. A. safer B. more dangerous C. much dangerous

43. A. by B. in C. use

44. A. Hardly B. May be C. Perhaps

45. A. it B. them C. that




46、Turn left, right? A、Mr. Xu.

47、What hobby do you have? B、No, that?s a wrong way.

48、Who teaches you Chinese? C、Because it?s color.

49、Why don?t you like it? D、My hobby is playing the violin.

50、Would you like to go with us? E、Yes, I?d like to.


Harry: Excuse me.

Becky: Isn?t she in the classroom?

Harry: No. I can?t find her there.


Harry: Four forty-five.

Becky: She is good at volleyball.

She is on the playground, I think.


Becky: Yes? Let me see. Jeff has a new one. They can use it.

Harry: .Who else is good at it in your class?

Becky: Helen and Jeff..





A young man was walking through a supermarket to pick up a few things when he noticed an old lady following him around the supermarket. Thinking nothing of it, he went on. Finally he went to the checkout line (结账处), but she stopped in front of him “Beg your pardon?” she said, “I?m sorry if my staring at (盯着看) you has made you feel uncomfortable. It?s just because you look just like my son, who I haven?t seen for a long time." “It doesn?t matter;” answered the young man. “Is there anything I can do for you?” “Yes,” she said, “as I?m leaving, can you say ?Good-bye, Mother?? It would make me feel so much better.” “Sure.” answered the young man. As the old woman was leaving; he called out, “Good-bye, Mother!” As he walked to the checkout line, he saw that his total was $128.“How can that be?” he asked. “I only bought a few things!” “Your mother said that you would pay for her.” Said the shop assistant.

56.The young man went to the supermarket in order to_______.

A. see his mother that he hadn't seen for many years B. see the clerk of the supermarket

C. buy a few things that he needed D. have a walk

57.When the young man had got the things he wanted, he___________.

A. went to wait in the checkout line B. went out of the shop without paying

C. was stopped by the woman following him. D. stood after the woman to see who she was

58.When the old woman told the young man to say ?Goodbye, Mother'? to her, she "really wanted _____.

A. to pay the money for the young man?s things B. to show the young man was very polite

C. him to collect more things for her D. to cheat the young man to pay for her

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