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I. 听力部分 (25分)



( )1. Where is the woman going?

A. Her home. B. The bookstore. C. The supermarket.

( ) 2. What can we learn about Tom?

A. He does well in math. B. He talks a lot. C. His math is poor.

( ) 3. What does the man usually do on Sunday afternoon?

A. Goes to church. B. Works in the garden. C. Reads newspaper.

( ) 4. Why isn’t the man wearing a jacket?

A. He forgot to bring it. B. He doesn’t have a jacket at all.

C. He didn’t know it would be cold.

( ) 5. How does the man look?

A. Very tired. B. Very well. C. Very excited.



( ) 6.What did the doctor say about the man?

A. The man was unhealthy. B. The man needed to lose weight.

C. The man should stay in bed for a week.

( )7.What did the man want to eat for supper?

A. Some rich food. B. Some food low in fat. C. Something unusual.

( ) 8. What did the woman think her husband should do?

A. He should see the doctor again.

B. He should go out for supper.

C. He should stop eating rich food.


( )9. Where is the man speaker from?

A. China. B. England. C. America.

( )10. What does the man speaker think of the woman speaker’s English?


A. He thinks her English is very poor.

B. He thinks her English is very good.

C. He thinks she should improve her English.

( )11.What’s the most probable relationship between the two speakers?

A. Friends. B. Father and daughter. C. Brother and sister.


( )12.What does the boy mainly talk about?

A. Words and letters. B. How to lean English word.

C. The important meaning of the “Chinese”.

( )13. How many letters does the boy explain?

A. 5. B. 6. C. 7.

( )14. What does the boy think of the Chinese?

A .Noble and hardworking. B. Brave and elegant. C. Intelligent and noble.

( )15. Can you guess what the letter left stands for?

A. Smart. B. Clever. C. Excellent.

II. 笔试部分 (95分)



( ) 16. The underlined part in the word “orang is pronounced as ________.

A. / z / B. / s / B. /Is / D. / Iz /

( ) 17. Rose, you leave your school things on the floor like this. Keep your room clean and tidy.

A. may not B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. wouldn’t

( )18. It was ______Saturday when we decided to see ________ film. But it was not as good as I had been told.

A. a; / B. /; the C. a; the D. /; a

( )19. A medicine may help with your illness, but it may make you after taking such a medicine.

A. healthy B. strange C. tired D. excited

( )20.Though I ______ the telephone number many times, the foreigner couldn’t write it down.

A. read B. repeated C. refused D. remembered

( )21. She is planning on driving. Let’s help her ________ the best road to take.

A. come out

B. come up C. catch up with 2 D. come up with

( )22. In the piano concert, my brother didn’t play well and I did ________.

A. very well B. much better C. so well D. even worse

( )23. she likes chatting, she is careful about making friends with strangers online.

A. In order that B. Even though C. Unless D. If

( )24.The town government set up a modern hospital for the farmers, ________ it?

A. does B. doesn’t C. did D. didn’t

( )25. —So we have finally met! Why not sit down and have a cup of coffee?

A. Sounds great!

B. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

C. I’ve been hoping to meet you for a long time.

D. I’d like you to meet my friend John Hopkins.

( ) 26. — Do you know ________?

— It’s about fifteen minutes’ walk.

A. how far is the post office B. which is the way to the post office

C. how long did you reach the post office D. how far it is to the post office from here

( ) 27.—Have you finished your homework yet?

— No, I’ll finish it in ________ ten minutes.

A. more B. other C. another D. else

( ) 28. — How much of his speech do you think you have understood?

—________. I wish I had worked harder.

A. Quite a few B. Very few C. Next to nothing D. Quite a lot

( ) 29. Who is the girl ______ is drawing a picture under that tree?

A. that B. which C. whose D. what

( ) 30. — Could you do me a favor to take these books to the teachers’ office?


A. With pleasure

C. Good idea



I am a mother of three and have recently completed my college degree. The last class I had to take was Sociology. The teacher was really inspiring. The class was asked to go out and smile at three people.

3 B. That’s very kind of you D. Yes, that’s right

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