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1. What does Lucy?s father do?

A. A cook B. A doctor C. A teacher

2. Where is the woman going this weekend?

A. The school B. The zoo C. The bank

3.How will the weather be tomorrow?

A. Rainy B. Snowy C. Cloudy.

4.What is the girl?s favorite sport?

A. Baseball. B. Ping-pong C. Volleyball

5.Which are they talking about?

A. Keys. B. Books. C. Drinks.


6. What?s Allan doing now?

A. Making the bed B. Cleaning the room C. Playing computer games.

7. When will the meeting start?

A. At 2:20 B. At 2:30. C. At 2:40

8. What does Stella think of the movie 2012?

A. Wonderful. B. Boring. C. She doesn?t like it

9. What did they do at the party?

A. They sang and danced. B. They ate a big cake. C. They watched a movie.

10. How much is the new MP4?

A. 350 dollars. B. 150 dollars C.300 dollars


12. A. save time B. save energy C. save time and save energy

13. A. young B. rich C. disabled

14. A. the same as B. different from C. as good as

15. A. difficult B. easy C. impossible




16. — Excuse me, do you have ________ ipad 2 ? I want to e-mail my friends.

— Sorry, I don?t. But my father does. You can ask him.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

17. —Mr. Gao, I don?t understand the meaning of this new word.

—You can __________ the word in your dictionary. I believe you can understand it well.

A. look at B. look for C. look up D. look after

18. — Where was your father when I called you, Tony?

— He ____________ his car.

A. washes B. washed C. is washing D. was washing

19. Beijing, the capital of China, is one of cities in the world.

A. the biggest B. bigger C. much bigger D. big

20. —Hi, what?s wrong with the girl from Japan?

—Oh, she feels lonely, she has ________friends in China.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

21. Success will belong to those ________ never say “impossible”

A. whose B. who C. whom D. which

22. —Look,the light in Jim?s room is still on. Do you know______?

—To study for the coming exam, maybe.

A. if he works hard B. why is he so busy

C. why he stays up so late D. when he will stop working

23. —Must I finish my homework now?

—do it this evening.

A. mustn?t; can B. needn?t; may C. can?t; must D. needn?t; must to

A. invent B. invented C. are invented D. were invented

25. —How do you like the zoo?

—That?s very interesting. tourists come to visit it every year.

A. Thousands of B. Thousand of C. Five thousands D. Five thousands of



The word that has changed the world

Apple is one of the most popular fruits in our life, and

people eat apples every day. But there areapples that

are especially important to the history of our human beings

and they have changed the whole world.

Long long ago when the world just started, apple was a

forbiddenin the Garden of Eden, however, a girl

named Eve stole and ate it. Unfortunately, she was

discovered by God, and was driven away the Garden together with a boy called Adam. After they 29 the

garden, Adam and Eve had their own babies andthe ancestors of all of us. This is theof our world.

In the Autumn of 1665, therea young man sitting under an apple tree in his garden. His name was Newton. While he was thinking of one problem, suddenly, an apple dropped down from the tree and fell on his head. this, Newton discovered gravitation(引力) on that day and his new idea of science made people really 34 and happy, also he changed our opinions about nature and the waywhat science was at that time.

And today, Jobs Steve, this crazy old man changed the world by his apple products. For


example, iPhonesbe foundin the street, young people feel cool when they use this kind of new high-tech(技术) product. Don?t you think 39 apple products have become a symbol of our time? As Jobs Steve often said he was born to change the world and he made it.he has died, people remember him and miss him, because he made our life more colorful and amazing.

26. A. one B. two C. three D. four

27 A. vegetable B. fruit C. food D. noodle 28 A. from B. in C. with D. under

29 A. went B. walked C. lived D. left

30. A. got B. turned C. made D. became

31. A. begin B. end C. beginning D. ending

32. A. had B. was C. have D. is

33. A. Because of B. Because C. For D. Since

34. A. bored B. tired C. relaxed D. surprised

35. A. / B. why C. how D. what

36. A. learn B. know C. talk D. share

37. A. need B. should C. can D. must

38. A. somewhere B. nowhere C. everywhere D. anywhere

39. A. what B. who C. where D. that

40. A. Although B. But C. However D. Even




41. What kind of movies is Flying swords of Dragon Gate?

A. A documentary. B. An action movie. C. A thriller. D. A comedy 42. Where does the story of the movie The Flowers of War happen?

A. New York B. Los Angeles C. San Francisco D. Nanjing


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