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1. 全卷共七大题,77小题,满分为120分。考试时间为100分钟。

2. 全卷分为卷Ⅰ(选择题)和卷Ⅱ(非选择题)两部分,全部在“答题卷”上作答。请用黑色字迹钢笔或签字笔把答案写在“答题卷”的相应位置上。

第一部分 听力部分


1.What will the weather be like next Sunday?

A. Sunny B. windy C. cloudy

2.What did the woman think of the movie?

A. Boring. B. We don?t know. C. Exciting.

3.When will the woman leave for Sydney?

A. Next Wednesday. B. Next Thursday. C. Next Saturday.

4.Who did Mary?s father get a gift from?

A. Mary B. Lily C. Lucy

5. What is Kate doing?

A. She is asking Tony for help. B. She is helping Tony. C. She is repairing the computer.


6.Why won?t the boy go to school tomorrow ?

A. Because it?ll be New Year?s Day. B. Because it?ll be Sunday.

C. Because it?ll be Saturday.

7.What does the boy ask the girl to do?

A. Go skating. B. Go boating. C. Go hiking.


8.What time did the movie begin?

A. At 8:00 B. At 9:00 C. At 8:40

9.Did they get up early or late?

A. They got up early. B. We don?t know C. They got up late

10.What was wrong on their way to the cinema?

A. Jim?s father was ill. B. Their car was broken C. They went the wrong way

11. A. excellent B. patient C. special

12. A. three B. six C. nine


13. A. Thurday B. Friday C. Saturday

14. A. listening B. reading C. writing

15. A. 8473625 B. 7843625 C. 7483625

第二部分 笔试部分



16. -- Have you heard of Lin Shuhao?

-- Yes, he is _______________ NBA basketball player. He is a hero in my heart.

A. a B. an C. / D. the

17. -- What do you think of Lucy?

-- She is a good student. She ____ does homework carelessly.

A. always B. hardly C. sometimes D. nearly

18. -- I never drive my car after drinking.

-- Oh, it is really a good ______ . Just keep it.

A. hobby B. custom C. habit D. lesson

19. --I want to say goodbye to Nancy. Do you know _______?

-- Yes, tomorrow afternoon.

A. why she is late B. if she is ill

C. how she is arriving D. when she is leaving

20. All of the students know the man ________ is playing the guitar in the orchestra.

A. who B. what C. which D. whose

21. -- ____ has your uncle ____ the village? -- Since 1999. He is in Shanghai now.

A. When , been away from B. How long, been away from

C. How long, left D. When, left

22.--Excuse me , can I _______ this pink dress.

--Sure. Here is the fitting room(试衣间). Please come this way.

A. come on B. get on C. keep on D. try on

23. --What is the ________ of the 2012 London Olympic Games?

--See the world, visit London.

A. literature B. article C. language D. theme

24. --Which team will The New York Knicks Basketball Team play ________ tomorrow morning?

--The Milwaukee Bucks Team.

A. against B. on C. off D. with

25. If you want to send some gifts to your friends in London, which sigh of company should you






D. 2

Dad never tried to hug or kiss me when I was a child. And of course, he never said "I love you" to me, Maybe it's a Chinese cultural thing, or maybe that's the way my dad was. But whenever I felt , sad or lonely, dad was always there. Dad was a man of few , but I always liked to talk to him, and I could always feel a very special connection to him.

When I was in high school, dad retired and a food stand on the street near my school. Dad was very good at making fried noodles, and a lot of people liked his noodles. Every day when I finished school, my classmates and I would pass his food stand. But I really talking to dad in front of his food stand, I did not want my classmates to know that my dad was selling noodles on the street!

One night, I couldn't noodles? I don't need a father who sells noodles on the street!" At that moment, dad was shocked. He tried to say but didn't. When he his head away, something happened that I had never seen and would never forget the rest of my life. His eyes were filled with tears and sadness. It was the first time that I saw dad . My mom later told me that dad was selling noodles to save money for my college education. I was such an fool , and even today I still feel for that night.

Time really flies. I finished college and then left my home city. For the past ten years, whenever I've visited home, dad was always there meeting me and seeing me off at the railway station. Whenever mom was calling me, dad would sit her with a list of questions. He would ask mom to talk to me for him. That's the way dad is, and that's dad shows his love to me.

Dad is still quiet, but I still feel a connection. —"a silent father's love."

26. A. also B. still C. too D. either

27. A. excited B. defeated C. pleased D. interested

28. A. questions B. messages C. words D. sounds

29. A. set up B. put up C. get up D. call up

30. A. hoped B. hated C. worried D. wondered

31. A because B. so C. or D. but

32. A. hold B. forget C. stand D. but

33. A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing

34. A. ran B. fell C. dropped D. turned

35. A. at B. to C. for D. from

36. A. crying B. saying C. talking D. listening

37. A. angry B. serious C. sick D. sorry

38. A. quickly B. slowly C. quietly D. shyly

39. A. next B. beside C. through D. how

40. A. what B. where C. why D. how



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