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( )1.If you go out at night, you’ll be able to see ____ starts.

A. thousands of B. thousand of

C. nine thousands of D. thousands

( )2.Monday is ___ day of the week.

A. first B. the first

C. the second D. second

( )3.You’ve done it twice. Why not try ____ time?

A. third B. the third C. a third D. once

( )4.Which is the____ month? It’s September. A. nine B. nineth C. ninth D. ninety

( )5.December is ___ of the year.

A. the twelfth months B. the twelfth month

C. the twelveth months D. twelve months

( )6.There are ___ floors in the building and he lives on the ____ floor. A. eighteen, fifteen B. eighteenth, fifteenth

C. eighteen, fiveteen D. eighteen, fifteenth

( )7.I was born ___, 1982.

A. on June 2rd B. in June 2nd

C. on June two D. on June 2

( )8.It’s ____ from our home to the zoo.

A. two and a half hours’ walk

B. a half and two hours walk

C. two hours and a half hour’s walk

D. two and a half hour’s walk

( )9.What time is it now? It’s ___ to six.

A. quarter B. a quarter C. quarto C. a quarto

( )10.Will you be back in ____ ? A. one or two minutes B. one minute or two

C. two minutes or one D. two or one minute

( )11.Mary’s uncle went to France ____.

A. in his thirties B. on his thirties

C. at his thirties D. about his thirties

( )12.The headmaster wrote a ___ report.

A. two thousand words B.two-thousand-words C. two-thousand words D. two-thousand-word

( )13.____of the apples in the fruit bowl are soft and sweet.

A. Two-third B. Second-third

C. Two-thirds D. Second-thirds

( )14.We have learned about ____ these days.

A. several hundreds English words

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