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I. 听句子,选答语


1. A. Music. B. Apple. C. Red.

2. A. Not at all. B. Thank you. C. That’s right.

3. A. Yes, there is. B. Yes, it is. C. Yes, he is. 4. A. I cooked it myself. B. You are right. C. I am glad you like it.

5. A. Eight. B. No.8. C. The eighth.

II. 听对话,选答案


6. A. Kevin’s teacher. B. Kevin’s father. C. Kevin’s brother

7. A. Size L. B. Size M. C. Size S.

8. A. Because it has a big yard. B. Because it is beautiful. C. Because he likes red.

9. A. Sunny B. Cloudy. C. Rainy.

10. A. Next to a bookstore. B. At the second crossing. C. Along the street.

11. A. 13. B. 12. C. 11. 12. A. By bike. B. On foot. C. By car.

13. A. At 9 am. B. At 10 am. C. At 11 am.

14. A. To a party. B. To the theater. C. To the cinema.

15. A. To go traveling with his classmates. B. To go traveling with his uncle.

C. To go to his uncle’s.

III 听短文,选答案


16. What happened to the buildings in the old yard 150 years ago?

A. They were pulled down. B. They were moved away. C. They were burnt down.

17. What was completely rebuilt last century?

A. The yard. B. The tower. C. The village.

18. The bell that visitors see now that the old yard had.

A. is the same one B. is different from the one. C. doesn’t sound like the one.

19. The bell is called the sunset bell because when the sun goes down every evening.

A. it stops B. it starts to move. C. it sounds.

20. According to the speaker, what does the bell bring to them?

A. Good luck. B. Good business. C. Peace.

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IV 单项选择


21. It’s very important for us to learn how to learn by A. ourselves B. itself C. myself D. themselves

22. When you at a restaurant, please order just enough food.

A. ate B. will eat C. eat D. have eaten

23. Mary called and asked her husband home at once, because she locked her daughter in the home.

A. to leave B. leave C. go D. to go

every day.

A. take a shower B. take pride C. take a look D. take exercise

25. —Which of the two subjects do you like, art or music?

— A. Neither B. Both C. None D. All

26. Go downstairs, stand in line on the playground as soon as possible.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

27. —It’s one of the things in the world to stay with friends.

—I agree. It always makes us relaxed.

A. worst B. happiest C. busiest D. hardest

28. The mobile phone has influenced people’s life a lot since it A. invents B. invented C. is invented D. was invented

29. What a nice paper fish! Can you show us you make it?

A. whether B. how C. why D. what

30. We are planning to have a surprise party her fifteenth birthday.

A. at B. in C. for D. with

V 完形填空

阅读下面一篇短文,理解大意,然后从各小题的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,使短文连贯完整。 Jenny, from Germany, spent some time traveling in India. While she was there, she stayed with her Indian friend, Leela. However, there was a language barrier(障碍) for her there. It was very for her to communicate in the new environment, which was very different from of her own country.

One day, together with Leela, Jenny went to an orphanage(孤儿院). All the children there were very young. At first, Jenny was not sure if she could have a way to communicate with them. She went over to the children and sat beside them. After some time, one of the children her. She felt a little relaxed and smiled back. Then she went close to the child. She slowly put her arm around the child and started a song in German. The child kept smiling and started repeating the words after her. The words that came from the little mouth were different from those that Jenny sang, but the rhythm(节奏) was the same. Jenny sat a little more and the child followed her again.

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Wanting to join in the more children joined. They many smiles together.

From the other side of the hall, Leela was smiling and watching them. Noticing Leela’on her, Jenny had an exciting feeling from her heart: “See, I don’t have any language barriers here. We speak and communicate!” At that moment, she understood: we’re all simple human, and we have the ability to connect with each other.

31. A. nice B. dangerous C. difficult D. easy

32. A. these B. those C. this D. that

33. A. show B. visit C. build D. improve

34. A. slowly B. early C. hardly D. easily

35. A. looked at B. laughed at C. shouted at D. smiled at

36. A. singing B. writing C. saying D. playing

37. A. club B. talk C. fun D. dance

38. A. forgot B. remembered C. shared D. missed

39. A. hands B. eyes C. influence D. question

40. A. can B. must C. need D. should

IV 阅读理解



Hawaii has always been a magic name to people who like traveling. People from all over the world dream of seeing the beautiful islands in the middle of the ocean. It’s always one of their dreams to watch the sun going down. The sun drops like a ball of bright fire into the sea, and it drops so quickly that you can even see it move.

About two thousand years ago, the first people went to Hawaii in a very small boat. They found the beautiful white sand beaches and the waving palm trees. But it was difficult for people to go to Hawaii at that time. And there were no big hotels like the ones today. Now people can get to Hawaii in different ways. More and more people go to Hawaii. So lots of nice big hotels have been built in recent years. However, the scenery(自然风景) in Hawaii hasn’t changed much. The white sand beaches and the waving palm trees are still there. People often have a peaceful time, taking a walk along the water in the morning. At night, they get together to hold parties, chatting and dancing. So if you’re thinking about relaxing yourself, Hawaii is surely the first place for you to choose.

41.The sun in Hawaii drops too quickly for people to see it move.

42.In Hawaii, a large number of nice big hotels have been built in recent years.

43. The scenery in Hawaii is quite different from what it was many years ago.

44. According to the passage, it’s common for people to hold parties in Hawaii at night.

45. The passage mainly tells us the first people who came to Hawaii.

第二节 阅读B、C、D三部分内容,从各小题所给的四个选项中选出能回答所提问题或完成所给句子的一个最佳答案。

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To protect the environment, we are on the way. Here are a few things we can do.

Unwanted gifts? Give them away!

Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t like? Did you throw it away? If so, you can have another choice now. Two British companies hopes people will give away their unwanted gifts to them. And they will resell the gifts to raise money for the poor. In this way, the gifts can be refused and have a future life. And people can make a difference to the world.

Wear the trousers that reduce(减少) pollution!

A chemistry scientist and a fashion designer (时装设计师) have created a new kind of trousers. The trousers are made of a new material which can help reduce air pollution around us. Scientists have tested the material. The result shows that it isn’t harmful to human. This new kind of trousers may appear at the market in two years. Professor Ryan said, “If thousands of people wear the trousers, the air quality will be improved.”

Plant trees with Felix

Felix Finkbeiner, a 14-year-old German boy, is not famous as a child actor but an environment hero. At the age of 9, Felix got the idea that children could do something to protect the environment. So he started a club. Felix soon got support from children all over the world. Some of them have become his good friends. The club has an aim of planting 212 million trees. They have planted over 3.5 million trees all around the world. Felix said, “The answer to controlling global(全球的) warming is trees—lots of trees!”

46. The companies resell the unwanted gifts A. to make the unwanted gifts useful B. to help people learn to think carefully

C. to save money from it D. to make money for themselves.

47. The trousers mentioned in the passage A. have been created by a physics scientist and a fashion designer

B. can help make air pollution less

C. will do harm to people

D. will be popular in two years

48. Felix started a club .

A. to become famous B. to become a child actor

C. to protect the environment with other children

D. to make friends with the children around the world


“Why does the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!”

That’s an old joke in the west, but it came to my mind again when I saw people crossing the road at the of Shaanxi Road and Huaihai Road in Shanghai.

When the traffic light was red, a group of people were waiting for the light to change. Suddenly one man began rushing to the other side of the road. Soon others followed him at the crossing and more people did the same. Just like chickens, they didn’t mind the honking horns(喇叭声) and kept crossing

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the road in a mess.

Every year several thousand people are either killed or hurt on the roads in Shanghai. And at least one third of them were jaywalking(乱穿马路). Jaywalking is very common in Shanghai. It seems that jaywalkers are not afraid of the danger to themselves.

Traffic laws are to keep people safe. So we should obey them, and have good road-crossing habits. When someone starts to jaywalk, we should stop him, and never follow him. That way we can avoid the traffic accidents.

49. The underlined word “intersection” here probably means “.

A. road B. bridge C. crossing D. traffic

50. The writer saw people in Shanghai that day.

A. crossing the road in a mess B. waiting for the green light patiently

C. crossing the road with chickens D. hurting each other in the street

51. How does the writer like what he saw in Shanghai that day?

A. He thinks it’s OK. B. He thinks it’s wrong.

C. He has no idea of it. D. He doesn’t mention it


An atlas is a book of maps. Atlases are made with different kinds of information about different parts and areas of a country or the world. They are prepared for desk use or travel use.

Desk atlases are made for different groups of people with different needs. For example, students may use desk atlases to help learn geography, and other people may use desk atlases to study a place. A popular type of the latest atlas shows the recent fact of the world. New atlases are often carefully produced to help people learn about the changes, such as the name changes, boundary(边界) changes and other important new information. A desk atlas can also have some different maps of the same place. For example, an atlas may include maps showing population and important products of a place.

Travel atlases usually show the information about both natural and man-made features(特点). So it is not surprising to find universities, airports, forests, rivers, roads as well as cities, towns and villages in them. A travel atlas is often the first thing people need when they want to start a trip in a strange place. It often has a map of a whole country, and a map with more special information of each important place in the country. Take the atlas of the United States as an example, it often has a map of the whole country and then a map of each of the fifty states.

A travel atlas may also point out the beautiful natural places. In the US, the atlas may include national parks such as the Yellow Stone Park and some others to show the beauty of nature and interesting places to tourists.

52. An atlas is according to the passage.

A. a guide book B. a history book C. a collection of pictures D. a collection of maps

53. How many kinds of atlases are mentioned in the passage?

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Many

54. From the passage we know people need newly produced atlases because A. they can’t see the old ones clearly B. they like to buy different ones

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C. something has changed D. something is missing

55. According to the passage, people can find the information about in a travel atlas of Shaanxi.

A. the population of Shaanxi B. the local products of Shaanxi

C. the Yellow Stone National Park D. Xi’an Jiaotong University


VII 完成句子


56. 他需要一个安静的房间休息。

He needs a to have a rest.

57. 我们不仅要学习现代科技,还要关注传统文化。

We should not only learn the modern technology but also pay attention to culture.

58. 有些城市禁止在公共汽车上吃食物。

In some cities, it is not allowed to eat 59. 在你生气的时候请不要做任何决定。

Please don’t when you are angry.

60. 她在英语方面比她弟弟好得多。

She is much at English than her brother.

VIII 短文填空


I took the bus to school every day when I was in primary school. Alvin, our bus families. My parents could hardly support the family children.

Once a month, Alvin stopped at a local bus-stop. Then someone came out and 64. each of us

if we wanted an ice cream or a drink. Alvin paid for it. At the end of school year, he took us to 65. that he showed was amazing. We didn’t get treats like that too often, remembered.

Twenty years later, I called him and him for us. I told him that he probably couldn’t him! And I could hear the smile in his voice when he said he was happy that I called.

He is the reason why I do my to show kindness to everyone I meet. He has had a big influence on my life. And I am very pleased that I was able to tell him.

IX 任务型阅读


The U.S. Master Golf Tournament(美国高尔夫大师赛) is one of the big four games in professional golf. This year, Guan Tianlang, a fourteen-year-old Chinese, has become a well-known as the youngest player in the 77-year history of the game. And he won the best-performing amateur(业余选手). He had a hard time in the game, but he said it was a wonderful experience for him.

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At the age of 4, he started learning golf from his father. Many people think he is a smart golfer. Even Ben Crenshaw, a two-time Masters winner, praised Guan’s performance after playing with the boy. “He’s very confident(自信) and patient. He never played in a hurry, ” he said to the USA Today. Guan makes the world know him not only with his game, but with his English as well. He answered the reporters’ questions with his perfect English. In fact, English is just one of favorite subjects. He also likes maths and history very much. At school, Guan is just like any other boy of his age. He goes to regular classes. He enjoys basketball and Kobe Bryrant is his favorite basketball player. He is always trying to get food grades and find time to practice golfing. He wants to win a major one day, but he said, “There’re still a lot of things to learn to improve. So nothing to rush.”

71. Who is Guan Tianlang?

He is a 14-year-old player from China.

72. What does Crenshaw think of Guan?

He thinks Guan is a boy.

73. How long is the history of the U.S. Master Golf Tournament?

It is .

74.How did Guan feel about the time he had in the game this year?

Though hard, he felt it a for him.

75.What can we learn about Guan from the last paragraph?

He thinks it’s to keep studying hard, although he is successful in some way.

X 补全对话

A)根据对话内容,将方框内符合对话语境的句子抄写在对话空白处,使对话恢复完整,选项中有两项是多余的。 (Ted and Bob are having breakfast.)

Bob: Eggs and milk? I don’t Ted: But don’ Bob: OK, I won’t. By the way, I find some students throw away eggs and milk.

Ted: That’

Bob: Yes. But what do you think we can do?

Ted: 80. . Bob: Let’s have a try, then we may have different kinds of food every day.

A: Nick, are you busy now?

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B) 根据下面对话中的情境,在每个空白处填入一个适当的语句,使对话恢复完整。

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