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1.--What can I do for you? --I’d like two _______.

A. box of apple B. boxes of apples C. box of apples D. boxes of apple

2.Help yourself to _________.

A. some chickens B. a chicken C. some chicken D. any chicken

3.________ it is today!

A. What fine weather B. What a fine weather C. How a fine weather D. How fine a weather

4.Which is the way to the __________?

A. shoe factory B. shoes factory C. shoe’s factory D. shoes’ factory

5.This class ________ now. Miss Gao teaches them.

A. are studying B. is studying C. be studying D. studying

6.We will have a _________ holiday after the exam.

A. two month B. two-month C. two month’s D. two-months

7.________ trees are cut down in the forests every year.

A. Thousand B. Thousands C. Thousand of D. Thousands of

8.Our sports meeting will be held ________.

A. on 24, Tuesday, April B. in April 24, Tuesday C. on Tuesday, April 24 D. in April Tuesday 24 9_________ people here are very friendly to us.

A. The B. / C. A D. An

10..There is no enough ________ in the corner to put the table.

A. place B. room C. floor D. ground


11.Some people like to stay at home, but ________ like to go to the cinema.

A. another B. other C. others D. other one

12.-- Is this your shoe? -- Yes, but where is _________?

A. the other one B. other one C. another one D. the others

13.-- When shall we meet again next week? -- _______ day is possible. It’s no problem with me.

A. Either B. Neither C. Every D. Any

14.Have you ever seen ________ big panda before?

A. a such B. such a C. so a D. a so

15.-- _______ do you write to your parents? -- Once a month.

A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. How far

16.Robert has gone to _________ city and he’ll be back in a week.

A. other B. the other C. another D. any other

17. -- A latest magazine, please. -- Only one left. Would you like to have ________?

A. it B. one C. this D. that

18. -- Which book would you like to borrow? -- ________ of the two books is OK with me.

A. Either B. Both C. Any D. None

19.He knows _________ English ________ French. But he’s very good at Japanese.

A. either; or B. both; and C. neither; nor D. either; nor

20. -- What do your parents do? -- One is a teacher; _________ is a driver.

A. other B. another C. the other D. that one

21.Mrs. Lee teaches ________ math. We all like her.

A. we B. us C. our D. ours

22.There are many trees on ________ side of the street.

A. either B. any C. all D. both

23.________ is the population of the city?

A. How many B. What C. How many people D. How much


24.Japan is ________ the east of China.


A. in B. to C. on D. at 25.The postman shouted, “Mr Green, here is a letter ________ you.” A. to B. from C. for D. of 26.We can’t do it ________ your help. A. with B. of C. under D. without 27.He hasn’t heard from his friend __________ last month. A. since B. by the end of C. for D. until 28.I didn’t buy the dictionary yesterday _________ my aunt would give me one. A. until B. because C. if D. before 29.I’m going to look for another job ________ the company offers me more money. A. after B. unless C. when D. for 30.Don’t hurry. The bus won’t start ________ everybody gets on. A. since B. as C. until D. when 31.Please show me _________ to send an e-mail, John. It’s the first time for me to do it. A. how B. what C. when D. where 32.You’ve passed the exam. I’m happy ______ you. A. on B. at C. in D. for 33.I wonder ________ they finished so many different jobs in such a short time. A. why B. how C. when D. where 34.-- Do you speak English? -- Yes, I speak _________ a little English _______ some French. A. neither, not B. both, or C. either, or D. not only, but also 35.______ the maths problem is difficult, I’ll try very hard to work it out. A. Though B. When C. Before D. After 36.The accident took place ________ a cold February evening. A. on B. in C. at D. for 37.He turned ________ the radio because his father was asleep. A. on B. down C. up D. over 38.I don’t know the homework _______ today. A. on B. in C. of D. for 39. -- Oh, it’s raining heavily. -- Please don’t leave ________ it stops. A. when B. after C. since D. until 40.Jane said she would come here ________ 9:00 and 9:30 tomorrow morning. A. from B. at C. between D. around 四、动词 41.My father went to Shanghai yesterday. He ______ back in two weeks. A. comes B. has come C. will come D. came 42.It’s spring now. The students ________ trees these weeks. A. plant B. are planting C. will plant D. planted 43.-- __________ you ________ your book to the library? -- Yes. I returned it yesterday. A. Did, return B. Have, returned C. Will, return D. Do, return 44. -- Must I finish it now? -- No, you ________. A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. can’t D. shouldn’t 45.Though it’s cloudy now, it _________ get sunny later. A. can B. may C. must D. need 46.It is in the library, you _______ talk loudly. A. may not B. can’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t 47.If anyone wants to say something in class, you ________ put up your hands first. A. must B. may C. might D. can 48. -- I called you last night but no one answered the phone. -- I ________ dinner with my friends in the restaurant. A. have B. had C. was having D. have had 49.If you have lost a library book, you have to _________ it. A. find out B. look after C. pay for D. take care 50.He will call me as soon as he _________ the city. A. reaches B. reached C. will reach D. is reaching 2

51.The pen _________ him ten yuan. A. paid B. cost C. took D. spent 52.The train _________ for twenty minutes. A. left B. has left C. is leaving D. has been away 53.-- How many books _____ they ________? -- Five. But they haven’t finished reading even one. A. did?borrow B. had?borrowed C. will?borrow D. do?borrow 54.He _________ his bike so he has to walk there. A. lost B. has lost C. had lost D. loses 55. --Why did the policeman stop us? -- He told us not _______ so fast in this street. A. drive B. driving C. to drive D. drove 五、形容词、副词 56.The population of the world in 20th century became very much _________ than that in 19th. A. bigger B. larger C. greater D. more 57.Miss Li is one of _______ in our school. A. a popular teacher B. more popular teacher C. most popular teacher D. the most popular teachers 58.The magazines are ________ easy that the children can read them well. A. such B. so C. too D. very 59. He never does his work _______ Mary. A. as careful as B. so careful as C. as carefully as D. carefully as 60.I think basketball is _______. I like to watch it. A. boring B. bored C. exciting D. excited 61.This dinner looks _______ to me, and I like it. A. terrible B. good C. badly D. nicely 62.The math problem is so hard that ________ students can work it out. A. a few B. a little C. many D. few 63. -- What’s the weather like tomorrow? -- The radio says it is going to be even ______. A. bad B. worst C. badly D. worse 64.Though she talks ______, she has made ________ friends here. A. a little, a few B. little, few C. little, a few D. few, a few 六、句法 65. --Would you mind calling me back tomorrow again? -- _________. A. Not at all B. You’re welcome C. You’re right D. Nice to meet you 66.If it ________ tomorrow we’ll go to the park. A. will not rain B. doesn’t rain C. is not raining D. didn’t rain 67.The radio says the snow ______ late in the day. A. stops B. will stop C. has stopped D. stopped 68.The nurse told the children the sun ______ in the east. A. rises B. rose C. will rise D. has risen 69. -- Are you sure you have to? It’s been very late. -- I don’t know ______ I can do it if not now. A. where B. why C. when D. how 70. -- Could you tell me _______ she is looking for? -- Her cousin, Susan. A. that B. whose C. whom D. which 71. -- When are the Shutes leaving for New York? -- Pardon? -- I asked ___________. A. when are the Shutes leaving for New York B. when the Shutes are leaving for New York C. when were the Shutes leaving for New York D. when the Shutes were leaving for New York 72.Would you please tell me ________ next, Mr Wang? A. what should we do B. we should do what C. what we should do D. should do what 73.Mr. King didn’t know _______ yesterday evening. A. when does his son come back B. when his son comes back C. when did his son come home D. when his son came home 74.Alice has gone to the classroom and she didn’t say ________. A. when did she come back C. when would she be back C. when she came back D. when she would be back 75. --I’m sorry I broke your coffee cup. -- Oh, really? _________. A. It doesn’t matter B. I don’t know C. It’s OK with me D. You’re welcome 3


1. 答案: B. (选择其它三项的同学要注意仔细看题.不要马虎, 这里box 和apple都是可数名词)

2. 答案: C (选择A的同学要注意chicken当鸡肉讲时不可数)

3. 答案: A. (选择B的同学要注意weather不可数. 选择C和D的同学要注意weather是名词, 要用what来感叹.)

4. 答案: A. (选择D的同学注意这里不是指名词所有格, 而是名词作形容词的用法.类似的用法如: pencil box; school bag等.)

5. 答案: A. (选择B的同学要注意, 当这种概念名词当 “人”讲的时候要做复数处理.类似的还有: the police are running after the thief等)

6.答案: B (选择C的同学要注意应用two months’; 选择D的同学要注意名词之间有 “— “ 后的组合词当作形容词来用, 因此就不用所有格形式了.)

7.答案: D. (选择C的同学注意词组记忆的准确性)

8.答案: C. (选B的同学是受到中文的影响,要特别注意中英文的差异)

9.答案: A. (选择B的同学要注意这里的people是特指这里的, 因此要用定冠词the)

10.答案:B (根据句意知道,这里表示没有地方放桌子。选A的同学要注意place表示地点,是可数名词)

11.答案: C. (选择B的同学要牢记: some?., others?.)

12.答案: A. (选择C的同学要注意鞋是两只, another指的是三者或者三者以上)

13.答案: D. (选择C的同学要注意every指的是每一天都见面, any指的是任何一天都可以.注意中文的干扰)

14.答案: B (选择A的同学要注意词组记忆的准确性)

15答案: C. ( 选择A的同学要注意中文的干扰. 由回答知道这里指的是写信的频率, 用how often表示.)

16.答案:C (选择其它三项的同学要注意,这里没有说只有两座城市,因此不能用.)

17.答案:A (选择B的同学要注意这里指的是上一句中提到的那本杂志,不能用表示泛指的不定代词one )

18.答案:A (选择B的同学要注意is 表示单数.)

19.答案:C (选择A和B的同学要注意语境.)

20.答案: C (选择其它三个选项的同学要注意, one is ?, the other is ?的用法)

21.答案: B (选择C的同学要注意, teach +人+科目, 而不能用teach +某人的+ 科目)

22.答案:A (选择D的同学要注意side为单数。选择B的同学要注意:街道只有两边,因此不能用any)

23.答案:B (在问到人口是多少时,其实是在说“人口数是什么”,因此不能用A,要注意排除中文的干扰。)

24.答案: B ( in 表示在范围里的, on表示紧挨着的; to 表示在范围以外的)

25.答案: C ( 选择A的同学要注意to 表示动作的方向, for表示有从属关系或者利益关系)

26.答案: D. (选择C的同学要注意中文的干扰, 借助某人的帮助要用with,反之用without)

27.答案: A (选择B的同学要注意B选项为过去完成时的时间;选择C的同学要注意, for+时间段; 选择D的同学要注意不是not?until 句型.until + 句子)

28.答案: B (选择A的同学要注意语境)

29.答案: B ( 选择其它三项的同学要注意语境, 这里是指除非公司给我更多工资,否则我就要找其它工作.)

30.答案: C (选择D的同学要注意前面是否定.)

31.答案:A (选择C的同学要注意认真看题,这里的time不是时间,而是指第一次)

32.答案:D (选择A的同学要注意记忆词组的准确性.)

33答案:B (选择A的同学要注意语境,这里指他们怎么能在如此短的时间里完成如此多的困难的工作.)

34.答案:D (选择C的同学要注意语境.)

35.答案:A (选择B的同学要注意语境.不能说当题目难的时候,我将努力.而是说尽管题目难,但我将努力解决.)


36.答案:A (选择B的同学要注意,在特指的早上、下午、晚上,不用in要用on)

37.答案:B (根据语境:他爸爸睡着了,因此不能用A-打开,也不能用C-调大.D表示反过来)

38.答案:D (选择C的同学要注意of表示从属关系,要注意中文的干扰.)

39.答案: D (选择其它选项的同学要注意读懂句子, 只有把语境搞清楚才能答对问题.)

40.答案: C (选择B的同学没有把体看完整; 选择A的同学没有注意到from?to?的搭配.)

41.答案: C ( 选择D的同学要注意in +时间段, 表示在未来的一段时间,应用将来时)

42.答案: B (选择A的同学要注意 these weeks 并不表示经常做某事,而是强调这几个星期同学们一直在种树.)

43.答案: B ( 选择A的同学过分注意回答用了一般过去时, 但在上一句中, 并没有给出过去的时间,强调你现在是否还书了, 应用现在完成时.)

44.答案: B (选择A的同学要注意mustn’t意思指不允许, needn’t指的是不必要.)

45.答案: B ( 选C的同学要注意语境, 这里强调过些时候也许会晴天, 表示推测性.)

46.答案: D ( 选择B的同学要注意中文的干扰.can’t表示不能够。)

47.答案: A ( 选其他三个选项的同学要注意语境,anyone暗示出语气。表明是一个规定,而不是建议。)

48.答案:C (选择B和D的同学要注意分析语境.这里指我当时正在和朋友在饭馆吃饭.)

49.答案:C (选择A的同学要注意语境)

50.答案:A (选择B的同学要注意主将从先)

51.答案:B (选择C的同学要注意took通常用在时间上;选择A和D的同学要注意,这里的主语是物品,因此不能用paid 和spent)

52.答案:D (选择B的同学要注意,当用完成时表示持续动作时,要选择可持续动词,不要用瞬间动词.)

53.答案:A (选择B的同学要注意,这里只是问过去发生的一件事,并不是过去时间之前发生的.)

54.答案:B (选择A的同学注意句子并没出现两个时间点,因此要注意时态的前后一致.)

55.答案:C (这里考查的是tell sb. not to do sth.)

56.答案: B.(选择其它三项的同学要注意population的固定搭配是large)

57.答案:D.(选择其它三项的同学要注意one of + 复数的用法.)

58.答案: B (选择A的同学要注意easy是形容词,要用so?that, 而不用such?that)

59.答案:C (选择A和B的同学要注意work 是行为动词,要用副词来修饰.)

60.答案:C (选择D的同学要注意basketball本身很令人激动,excited表示被什么所感染而激动。)

61.答案:B (选择D的同学要注意look在这里是系动词,后面要加形容词。)

62.答案:D (选择A、C的同学要注意语境,这里指没有什么学生能做出来。)

63.答案:D (选择A的同学要注意,even+比较级)

64.答案:C (选择A的同学要注意语境,这里指虽然她不怎么说话,但她有一些朋友.)

65. 76.答案:A (同62题)

66.答案: B (选择A的同学要注意if引导的条件状语从句主句用将来时, 从句用一般现在时.)

67.答案: B. (选择A的同学要注意语境, late in the day表示 “晚些时候”, 要用将来时)

68.答案: A ( 选择B的同学要注意, 虽然主句中用了told, 但太阳从东方升起是真理性事实, 应用一般现在时表示.)

69.答案: C ( 选择D的同学要注意语境, 根据语境知道这里强调的是必须先在做,否则就没有时间了)

70.答案: C (选择其它三项的同学要注意语境,这里是指找Susan这个人)

71.答案: D ( 选择B的同学注意到了宾语从句的语序,但同时要注意时态要用相应的过去时.)

72.答案: C ( 选择A的同学要注意宾语从句的语序为陈述语序.)

73.答案: D ( 选择C的同学要注意考虑宾语从句的陈述语序)

74.答案:D (选择C的同学要注意语境,这里要用过去将来时.)


75.答案:A (选择C和D的同学要注意中文的干扰.D是用来回答别人的致谢的.) 6

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