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Yesterday morning an old woman(1)_______ a lot of things in a shop. She put them into a big (2) _______.She was going to carry it to the car, but the box was (3) _______ and the car wasn't near. At that time Li Ming and Wei Hua were

(4)________by the car and talking. When they(5)_____ the old woman and the big box beside her, they went to (6)____ her. They lifted the heavy box and carried it to the car. Suddenly the box(7)____ down and one of Li Ming's (8) ________ was badly hurt. He had to(9)____ in bed in the hospital for several days. He became worried about his lessons. But his friend Wei Hua said. “Don’t worry . I'll come to help you (10) _________ your lessons after class every afternoon.”



One morning, I went to school my bicycle as usual. Suddenly very worried and did not know what to do.

Just at the moment, an old man came over. He asked me what had

I told him the sad thing. He said that he could help me. A few , he mended the bike well. I was very glad and said, “Thank 1

you very much!”


One day, Mr. White finished his work very late. (1)______ his way home, there were no people and no buses. So, he(2)______ to go home on foot. He held his bag in his (3)——.

When he got home, he opened his bag. He wanted to get the keys. They were always there. But he couldn’t find the keys this time. He was worried and he didn’t know (4)___ to do. When he looked(5)_______, he suddenly saw his window was open. He had an (6)________.

There was a ladder beside his house. He carried(7)______ to the window. Then he began to (8)________ up the ladder. How dark it was! It was dangerous for him so he was very careful and very afraid. A minute later, he jumped into his room and he was very(9)________. But when he put his hand into his pocket, he

(10)________ his keys right there.


A young man was reading an employment notice on a board. Having decided to take the (1)________, he went home to dress (2)_________ up at once. Then he 2

went by (3)__________to have an interview(面试) with the boss. On his way he found a (4)_______stuck into the mud(泥)。 The driver could do (5)________about it. He then helped to (6)________ the car out. After that he was (7)_________all over. Then he went to the interview in such a (8)_________that he was sweating(出汗) when he got there, but to his (9) _________, the person in charge of(负责) the interview was the (10)________of the car he helped.


After the heavy rain, there A school girl was

walking She was on her way home. Her shoes got At that moment, a man (4) an umbrella(雨伞)in his hand came to her. He meant to (6) her some help. The man carried the girl on his ( 7)

How kind! The girl thanked him and (8) good-bye to him.

As she on, she found that the man's umbrella was in her hand. She returned at (10) to give it back to him.




It was December 25th, my friends and I had a party in my house to celebrate (1) ____ . Everyone (2) ______ themselves at the party. But(3) ___ something unhappy happened. I happened to find David, my friend, (4) ___ my diary in my bedroom. At that time I was so (5)_______ that I(6) _____ at him. David stood up and(7) ________ my house at once,(8) _________ saying a word. After he left, I thought it was not (9)__________ to read other’s diary, yet it was not polite to shout at (10)_________ . It’s better for me to tell him not to do that politely.



Mr. Wang had a grandson, (1)________ name is Ming. Mr. Wang loved his grandson very much. Mr. Wang was good at (2)_________ and he wanted Ming to be an artist when he (3)_________ up, so he taught his grandson to draw when Ming was free at weekends.

One Saturday morning, Mr. Wang put (4)__________ apples on the table and he asked Ming (5) _________ draw them. He (6) ___________ his grandson that he could get a lovely teddy bear if he drew them well.

After Mr. Wang left, Ming thought that it was (7)_________ difficult for him to draw them. Ming thought and thought and then he had an (8)_________. Ming ate two of the apples and then he finished drawing in a short while.

Two hours later, Mr. Wang got back home. He was very (9)_________ when he had a look at the paper. But he knew what had happened when he found only one apple left on the table.

“What a naughty boy!” Mr. Wang said to (10)__________.




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