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1._______you have offered her! She is out of trouble now.

A.what useful advice B.What a useful advice

C How a useful advice D How useful advice

2.______bad news! Jack chan made _______many q mistakes in the film.

A. How,so B.What,so C.How,such D.what ,such

3. What great fun____to go fishing in_____weather!

A.it is,so fine B.is it,such a fine C.is it,so fine a D.it is,such fine

4 The young man came riding full speed down the road on his bicycle.__________it was !

A.How dangerous the scene B.What dangerous a scene

C.How a dangerous scene D.What a dangerous scene

5.How______the wind is blowing! Why not stay at home ______such a day?

A.strong,in B. strong ,on C.strongly,on D.strongly,in


1.He wonders__________.

A.what's wrong with his computers

B.what he should deal with his broken bike

C.how he can call the man

D which was the way to the nearest bus stop

2.---I wonder_______without air.

----About less than 10 minutes.

A.how long man can live B.how long can man live

C.when can man live D.when man can live

3.He asked me_____last week.Because I was in hospital for 5 days.

A.when I got home B.how I went to school

C.what I had for meals D.what was wrong with me

4.Can you make sure ______the gold ring?

A.where Alice had put B.where did Alice put

C.where Alice has put D.where has Alice put

5. The teacher asked the students__________.

A.what are their disadvantages.

B.why did they know their disadvantages

C.if they know their disadvantages

D.what their disadvantages were

6.Tell me_______________

A.what is the jacket made from B.how is this jacket made of

C.what this jacket is made in D.where this jacket is made


1.----Haven't you decided where you are going to have a barbecue next


-----_________.All of us think the Forest Park is a good place _________.

A.Yes,to go B.No,to go C.Yes,going D.No,going

2.---He's already back to Australia,________?

----________.He is on a visit to Shanghai

A.isn't he;No B.hasn't he,Yes C.isn't he,Yes D.hasn't he ,No

3.---Eric's never seen a three---D movie at the cinema,_________?

---________,he saw a three---D movie with me at the cinema last Sunday.

A.has't he,No B.has he,Yes C.isn't he,Yes D.is he

4.Mike seldom has breakfast at home,______?

---_______this morning.

A.does he;No,but he did B.does he;No,he hasn't

C.has he;Yes,he has D.hasn't he;Yes,he does

5.-----Susan didn't like popular music very much,did she?


A.Yes,but she didn't B.No,but she did

C.Yes.but she does D.No,but she does

6.----The weather isn't good enough for an outing,is it?

----Not in the least. We can't have_______at this time of the year.

A.a worse day B.a nice day C.such bad a day D.so fine day


1 May we leave the classroom now?

----No,you_____.You______to leave until the bell rings.

A.musn't,are allowed B. can't,aren't allowed

C.don't have to, are allowed D.needn't, aren't allowed

2.Detective Lu doesn't think he will need any more help to solve the valley Town murder,but he _____.

A.must B.might C.should D.could

3.----I want to know if I _____smoke here.

----No,you ______.Could you see the sign "No Smoking"there?

A.can,needn't B.must, can't C. shall,won't D.may, musn't

4.There is somebody at the door.Who_____it be?

---I’m not sure.It____be a postman.

A.may,must B.will,can

C.can,may D.may,will

5.---Must we finish all the exercise today?

----No,you______.You can finish them within two days.

A.musn't B.needn't to C.needn't D.don't have

6.You_______change the batteries every month because they are______high quality.

A.don't need,of B.needn't to ,with C.needn't,with D.don't have to,of

7.They all think the problem needn't_______.It isn't worth _____at all.

A.discussing,discussing B.to be discussed,discussing

C.be discussed,discussing D.to be dress cussed ,being discussed


1.The life we were used to_______(change)greatly since 1980.

2.You see,the money is all I can spare__________(give) you.

3.The day we were looking forward to __________(come) at last.

4.The sports meeting they were looking forward to______yesterday.(hold)

5.The problem the leaders paid attention to ________(solve) the next week.

6.The languages we are used to______(speak) by more and more people. The languages used ______ (speak) by more and more people.

7. Have you heard that the research he devoted himself_________perfect success?

A. to being a B.to be C.to was a D.to was

8.Which do you enjoy_________(spend) your weekend,swimming or fishing?

9.The sun was shining brightly,______everything there ______more beautiful.

A.making;look B.to make;looked C.and made;looking D.and making;be looked

10.Is the lady you______(chat) with this morning an experienced designer?

11.People_______ our support and help.We must do something at once.

A.in need B in need of C in need need D. in need of need

12.How happy the students from different countries were______(see) each

other yesterday!

13.-----Who do you want to talk with at the end of the speech? ----The man ___________Mr White.

A. they call B. called himself C.calls himself D is called



1---5 ABDDC


1---6 AADCDD


1---6 ACBADA




1.has changed 2. to give 3.came 4.was held 5.would be solved 6.are

spoken/to be spoken 7.C 8.to spend 9.A 10.chatted 11.C 12.to see 13.A


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