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一. 听力部分。( 20分 )

1. 听对话回答问题。( 共10分,每小题 1 分 )

( )1. A. No one. B. None.

( ) 2. A. It doesn't matter.

C. Sorry, I don’t know.

( ) 3. A. Hold on, please.

C. You are right.

C. Yes, Thank you.

( )5. A. Good luck.

C. Great. ( ) 4. A. Yes. Here you are. C. Nobody. B. All right. D. Don’t worry. B. I’m coming. Thank you. D. Who are you? B. Yes. It’s my phone. D. Of course. It’s yours. B. Glad to hear that. D. I’m sorry to hear that.

D. Lifestyle

D. 9:30

D. 105yuan.

D. Bread.

D. June. D. Nothing. ( )6. What are they talking about? A. The weather. B. The radio. C. The date. ( )7. What time will the train leave? A. 9:45 B. 10:15 C. 10:20 ( )8. How much are two chairs? A. 55 yuan. B. 100 yuan. C. 110 yuan. ( )9. What does the man want to drink? A. Hot tea. B. Hot milk. C. Something cold. ( )10. Which month does Lily like best? A. March. B. April. C. May.

2. 听对话和问题,选择正确答案。( 共5分,每小题1 分 )

( )11. A. Yes,he is. B. Yes, he does. C. No, he isn’t. D. No, he doesn’t.

( )12. A. Because they want to make money.

B. Because they want to organize a fund-raising show.

C. Because they want to help poor children go to school.

D. Because they want to go to school.

( ) 13. A. Because the man saw the charity show.

B. Because the man did well as a host at the charity show.

C. Because the man organized the charity show.

D. Because the man got a good result in the test.

( )14. A. She can’t sit on a chair. ( )15. A. ORBIS.

B. She is badly ill.



C. She doesn’t have a seat there. D. She’s afraid she can’t go to school.


3. 根据所听短文,选择正确答案。 ( 5 分 ) ( )16. Who is talking to the students?

A. The headmaster. ( )17. Where do the students live?

A. At the school. B. In the hotels.

B. Ms Brain.

C. A host.

C. In some English families.

( )18. What are the students going to do before the coffee break? A. To have lunch. A. At 10:30.

B. To do a short test. B. At 11:00.

C. To have their first class.

C. At 13:30.

( )19. When will the students have lunch? ( ) 20. Where does this talk happen?

A. In the school office. C. Outside the school. 二.单选题( 15分)

21. Sandy looks quite different today. What _________ to her? A. has happened A. will have A. happily

B. is happened B. will be

C. was happened C. have

D. happening D. has D. to feel happy

22. All of the students hope there _________ a pop music show next term. 23. Daniel makes us ________.

B. feel happy

C. feel happily

24. Quite a lot of money __________ for Project Hope. A. has been raised C. have been raised A. a

B. has donated D. has been donated C. am

D. / D. few, much D. played

B. In the language school.

25. It is _______ hard work but I am happy to do it.

B. the

26. Peter often talks ________but does ________, so most of his friends don’t like him at all. A. less, more A. to play

B. more, less B. play

C. much, few C. playing

27. The boy was seen __________ the piano at 9 yesterday.

28. Mr Wu gave us some advice on how to ________ our spoken English. A. improvement

B. improvable B. is used to be B. so beautiful B. to give

C. improving

D. improve

29.She ___________shy, but now she is quite outgoing. She has made lots of friends. A. was used to be A. such a beautiful A. give

C. was used to being D. used to be C. so beautiful C. giving

D. such beautiful D. given

30. It was __________ music that I lost myself in it. 31. He makes his living by _________ piano lessons.

32. -- Do you spend a lot of time _________ computer?

--No, but I spend much time __________ doing my homework.

A. on, in B. in, on C. on, on D. in, in 33. I am grateful _______ you ______ your kindness.

A. to , to B. to, for C. for, for D. for, to 34. Mr Brown asked us to stop ________, and we stopped _______ to him at once. A. talking, to listen

B. to talk, to listen C. talking, listening

D. talk, listen

35. It’s no good to eat _________.

A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too 三.完形填空。( 10分 )

( )36. A. animals B. people ( )37. A. what B. where ( ) 38. A. travel B. film ( )39. A. But B. Though ( )40. A. look

B. sound

( )41. A. Englishmen B. Chinese

C. space C. when C. song C. hear C. Americans

D. buildings D. how D. lesson D. smell D. Japanese

C. However D. Until

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