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龙文教育 英语 学科导学案(第 次课)

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Todd, his best friend, stepped into the room. “ Jason!I need a partner for playing basketball. ”He sounded excited.

Jason snorted. “No way, Todd. I′m playing a game here.”

Jason gave his friend a dirty look, and his character in the game almost got killed while he looked away, “ I almost died because of you!” Todd looked at Jason′s mother. Jason’s mother looked back at him. They both looked at Jason. “Why don′t you play basketball with your friend?” Jason’s mother suggested.

“Tomorrow, maybe…” There were more levels to beat tomorrow, though, Maybe he had played tomorrow. He’d have to see what mood he was in. He thought he heard footsteps walking away, but he was too busy beating the next level to care.

An hour later, Jason’s father came home. It was dinner time after his father washed up and sat down. Jason didn′t even hear his name being called to the table. He didn′t hear his father walk at behind him and ask him to turn the game off, either.

When the screen suddenly went black and his father’s angry face loomed in front of him, Jason finally heard. “No more game for a month.” Jason′s father shouted at him. “You don’t play basketball, you don′t come to dinner, and you don′t do your chores. We′ll make some everything else gets done before you play any more.”

Jason nodded slowly. He knew better than to argue with his father, and when he thought about it, he had been playing quite a bit. It was fun, but he was letting down his friends, his family, and himself by paying too much.

He′d try harder in the future.

36. What was Jason doing when his mother asked him to answer the door?

A. Having dinner B. Turning off the game

C. Playing computer games D. Arguing with his father.

37. What did Todd ask Jason to do?

A. Help him cook dinner B. Beat more levels for him.

C. Repair the computer for him D. play basketball with him.

38. Why did Jason finally stop playing the game?

A. He won the game. B. His mother got dinner ready.

C. His father turned off the computer. D. He decided to play basketball outside.

39. What did Jason learn in the end?

A. He thought that his father was too strict with him.

B. He found that playing computer games was quite interesting.

C. He realized it was an unhealthy habit to play games without dinner.

D. He couldn’t spend all day playing games, because he had other duties.

40. Which of the following is the best title of this passage?

A. Inside the game B. Games or Supper.

C. Jason′s Angry Father D. Use of the Computer.

36. C 37. D 38. C 39. D 40. A



46. The teacher always reads the children a _______ (故事) at the end of the day.

47. Local people like to _______ (放飞) kites and take a walk in the Olympic Sports Center.

48. Peter is so imaginative that most students recommend _______ (他) as the chairperson of the Science Club.

49. Black tea was invented in China as a way to keep tea _______ (新鲜的)when it was transports long distance.

50. Nanjing, I love you is a beautiful song which represents the feelings and ______(精神)of Nanjing people。


51. Justin Bieber′s first single, One Time, is about one of his favourite ______ (topic), puppy l

52. The first computers were built in the 1940s; they were even ______ (big) than cars.

53. Healthy food and plenty of vitamins are good for your memory to work _____ (proper).

(sixteen) birthday. I like it very much.

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