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2011年济南市中考英语试题(绝密) Ⅲ.选择填空:从每题A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案。(20分)

26.This is empty bottle. Could you full one?

A. a, a B. an, a C. the, the D. /, a

27.It's too hot today. Please give a bottle of orange.

A. mine B. he C. her D. our

28. our football team failed in the match, we did our best.

A. Though B. But C. Because D. As

in China.

A. older, city B. the older, city

C. oldest, cities D. the oldest, cities


A. 20 metres wide B. 15 metres long C. 30 metres high D. 50 metres tall

31. — a year does your school have sports meetings?

—Twice a year.

A. How often B. How soon

C. How long D. How many times

the southeast of our country.

A. to B. on C. in D. at

to the library on time.

A. send B. be returned

C. give back D. be got back

34. —Would you like to go and watch the football game with me?

— .

A. Not at all B. Excuse me, I can't

C. Yes, I'd love to D. That's right

at this time of day.

A. takes off B. gets to C. leaves for D. takes away

our eyes.

A. good at B. weak in C. bad for D. good for

37. children there are in a family, their life will be.

A. The less, the better B. The fewer, the better

C. Fewer, richer D. More, poorer

for three or four days.

A. got a headache B. fallen ill C. caught a cold D. had a cough

at the end of this month.

A. to leave B. going back C. travel D. not start out

40. —Where have you been these days?

A. in Chinese B. of Japan C. of American's D. from Canada

to do some reading every day.

A. easily B. be enjoyable C. helpful D. interested

42.Which of the diagrams below shows the air temperature of Beijing in a year?

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A. I don't, either B. so do I C. so am I D. I am, too

44. holiday next month. He'll take me to Qingdao.

A. ten days B. ten day's C. ten-days D. ten days'


A. who did kick the first goal in the World Cup

B. when was the APEC meeting held

C. when China became a member of the WTO

D. where will the 2008 Olympics be held


an office, in Brighton, England.

the lift, it heard him. Then Mr Smith remembered that it was a holiday in England. No one was going to come to

There was for Mr Smith to do. He had to wait until one of his workmates came to , Mr Smith was very hungry and had to sleep most of the time.

Early on Tuesday morning, one of his workmates came into work and found the lift . hours!

in them. "

46. A. from Monday to Friday B. at the weekends

C. on weekdays D. from morning till night

47. A. dangerous B. happy C. angry D. free

48. A. got off B. got into C. got out of D. got to

49. A. someone B. everyone C. no one D. either

50. A. on B. to C. from D. until

51. A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything

52. A. read or write B. eat or drink C. cook D. know the time

53. A. was not there B. was not closed C. was not working D. was working

54. A. nearly 24 B. about 40 C. more than 60 D. over 94

55. A. pans B. beds C. exits D. telephones


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John sent his mother expensive presents on his mother's birthday every year. He liked to

show her how rich he was.

"I must find something wonderful for her, and it must be the only one in the whole world. "John thought.

He advertised (登广告) in the newspapers. " Wanted—the best present for the woman who has everything. "

For many days his telephone did not stop ringing. People phoned him from all over the world. They wanted to sell him "the best present". But they did not have anything that was the only one in the whole world.

Then less than a week before his mother's birthday, a man came to his office. He was carrying a cage, and in the cage there was a large bird.

"This bird, "the man said, "can speak ten languages and sing any pop song. There is no other bird like it in the world. "

"I will listen to it, "John said. "If what you said is true, I will buy the bird from you. "

The man spoke to the bird. "Talk to me in French, " he said. The bird spoke to him in French. "Tell me a joke in Japanese, " he said. The bird told him a joke in Japanese. "Sing a famous pop song, "he said. The bird sang a famous pop song.

"I'll buy it, "John said. "How much do you want?"

"One hundred thousand dollars, "the man said. This was a lot of money but John paid him. Then he sent the bird to his mother with a birthday card.

The day after his mother's birthday he phoned her. "Well, mother, "he said, "Is the bird wonderful?"

"Oh, it was delicious, dear, "she said.

56. Why did John send her mother expensive presents for her birthday every year?

A. Because he loved his mother very much.

B. Because his mother needed these presents.

C. Because he wanted to show he had a lot of money.

D. Because he was the richest man in the world.

57. How did people know John wanted the best present in the world?

A. They rang John up.

B. They knew it from the newspapers.

C. John phoned them one by one.

D. They knew it on TV.

58. When did the man with a bird come to visit John?

A. Two weeks before John's mother's birthday.

B. On John's mother's birthday.

C. About five days before John's mother's birthday.

D. Less than a week after John's mother's birthday.

59. Why did John pay the man a lot of money for the bird?

A. Because it was such a beautiful bird.

B. Because he wanted to help the poor man with the bird.

C. Because the bird could look after his mother.

D. Because John thought the bird could make his mother happy.

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60. What does the sentence "It was delicious, "really mean in the story?

A. His mother ate the bird.

B. His mother let the bird fly away.

C. His mother began to learn languages from the bird.

D. His mother thought it was the most expensive present in the world.


Bamboo (竹子) is one of nature's (自然) most surprising plants. Many people call this plant a tree, but it is a kind of grass.

Like other kinds of grass, a bamboo plant may be cut very low to the ground, but it will grow back very quickly. A Japanese scientist reported one bamboo plant which grew 1. 5 metres(4 feet) in 24 hours! Bamboo grows almost everywhere in the world except Europe. There are more than 1, 000 kinds of bamboo.

Not all bamboo looks the same. Some bamboo plants are very thin. They may only grow to be a few centimetres wide while others may grow to more than 30 centimetres (1 foot) across. This plant also comes in different colours, from yellow to black to green.

Bamboo has been used to make many things such as hats and kitchen tools( 厨房用具). Because it is strong, bamboo is also used to build buildings.

Many Asian countries have used bamboo for hundreds of years. They often use bamboo for buildings and supporting (支撑) new buildings and bridges while they are being built.

In Africa, poor farmers are taught how to find water using bamboo. These African countries need cheap way to find water because they have no money, and their fields often die from no rain and no water. Bamboo pipes( 管子) help poor farmers bring water to their thirsty fields without spending a lot of money.

61. How is bamboo like grass?

A. It grows quickly. B. It's wood. `C. it is easy to cut. D. It is very thin.


A. in China B. in Europe C. on mountains D. in Africa


A. it is cheap B. it has different colours

C. it is strong D. it has been used by Asians


A. make money B. be trees C. grow quickly D. carry water


A. a short time

B. many thousands of years

C. many hundreds of years

D. about 100 years


Most people around the world are right-handed. This also seems to be true in history. In 1799, scientists studied works(作品) of art made at different times from 1, 500 B. C. to the 1950s. Most of the people shown in these works are right-handed, so the scientists guessed that

right-handedness has always been common through history. Today, only about 10% to 15% of the world's population is left-handed.

Why are there more right-handed people than left-handed ones? Scientists now know that a

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person's two hands each have their own jobs. For most people, the left hand is used to find things or hold things. The right hand is used to work with things. This is because of the different work of the two sides of the brain (大脑). The right side of the brain, which makes a person's hands and eyes work together, controls(控制) the left hand. The left-side of the brain, which controls the right hand, is the centre for thinking and doing problems. These findings show that more artists should be left-handed, and studies have found that left-handedness is twice as common among artists than among people in other jobs.

No one really knows what makes a person become right-handed instead of left-handed. Scientists have found that almost 40% of the people become left-handed because their main brain is damaged(损害) when they are born. However, this doesn't happen to everyone, so scientists guess there must be another reason (原因) why people become left-handed. One idea is that people usually get right-handed from their parents. If a person does not receive the gene (基因) for right-handedness, he/she may become either right-or left-handed according to the chance (偶然性) and the people they work or live with.

Though right-handedness is more common than left-handedness, people no longer think left-handed people are strange or unusual. A long time ago, left-handed children were made to use their right hands like other children, but today they don't have to.


A. the art began from 1, 500 B. C.

B. the works of art ended in the 1950s

C. most people shown in the works of art are right-handed

D. most people shown in the works of art are left-handed

67. How many people in the world are left-handed now?

A. Less than one sixth.

B. More than a half.

C. About 40%.

D. The passage doesn't tell us.

68. What is the left hand for most people used to do?

A. It's used to find or hold things.

B. It's used to work with things.

C. It's used to make a person's eyes work together.

D. It's the centre for thinking and doing problems.

69. According to (根据) the passage, which of the following is NOT true?

A. No one really knows what makes a person become right-handed.

B. Left-handedness is cleverer than right-handedness.

C. Today children are not made to use their right hands only.

D. Scientists think there must be some reason why people become left-handed.

70. The best title(标题.

A. Scientists' New Inventions

B. Left-handed People

C. Which Hand

D. Different Brains, Different Hands.


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84. The foreigners want to know how they can learn Chinese Kongfu well. (




请根据下面六幅图,以“A Thankful(感激的)Bird”为题,用英语以第三人称的形式写一篇约80个单词的短文。

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A Thankful Bird

2011济南市中考英语试卷答案 一、 1.C 2. B 3. A 4.C 5. A 6.C 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. D 11. C /2.D /3.B 14. C 15. A 16. C 17. B 18. D 19. B 20. C

二、21. C 22. A 23. C 24. B 25. B

三、26. B 27. C 28. A 29. D 30. A 31. D 32. C 33. B 34. C 35. A

36. D 37. B 38. D 39. A 40. D 41. C 42. A 43. B 44. D 45. C

四、46. B 47. A 48. B 49. C 50. D 5/. A 52. B 53; C 54. C 55. D 五、56.C 57. B 58. C 59. D 60. A 61. A 62. B 63. A 64. D 65. C

66. C 67. A 68. A 69. B 70. C

六、 7/. cleaners 72. fifth 73. not drink 74. angrily 75. dead 76. rains 77. are getting 78. have seen 79. will/is going to be 80. forgot


81. doesn't do 82. How long did, spend 83. if/ whether she slept 84. how to

85. None of, were made, between 86. told each other's names


87. What, think of/about 88. laugh at 89. make the same mistake(s) 90. as much as possible 91. with, be left behind 92. neck and neck


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听力测试录音稿 A)听录音,在每组句子中选出一你所听到的句子。每个句子读两遍。

1. She flies kites in the park every autumn.

2. Would you like some hot water?

3. What food do you like?

4. Jim couldn't wash himself or get dressed.

5. I've never been to that farm before.

B)在录音中,你将听到五段对话及五个问题。请根据对话 内容及问题选择正确答案。每段对话及问题读两遍。

6. M; Excuse me. What's under the tree?

W; It's Lucy's new bike.

Question: What's under the tree?

7. W: Excuse me. Would you like something to drink something to eat?

M:Well,I'd just like a cup of tea.

Question: What does the man want?

8. W; Which sweater do you like, the blue one or the red one?

M:The red one, please. Question: Which sweater does the man like?

9. M: What time shall we go to the park?

W: What about eight o'clock?

M: But I won't be free until nine.

W: OK. See you then.

Question: What time will they go to the park?

10. W: Your T-shirt is very nice. What's it made of?

M:I think it's made of cotton.

W: Is it made in Shanghai?

M: No,it's made in Jinan.

Question: Where's the man's T-shirt made?


Mum: Hi,Sam! It's eight o'clock now. Get up quickly. It's time for breakfast Mum-.Sandwiches, bread and milk. Sam: Are they chicken sandwiches or vegetable ones?

Mum: Chicken sandwiches. Sam:Great! They're my favourite. Mum: Wash your hands before you eat Sam:OK,Mum. But where's Dad? Mum:He's sleeping. Sam:Why? It's so late now. It's half past eight Dad is too

lazy. Mum: No, Sam. He slept rather late last night because he went to the station to meet his friend. Do not wake him up. Let him sleep a little more. Sam:Ok,Mum.


11. Where are Sam and his mother?

12. What's Sam's favourite food?

13. What does Sam's mother ask him to do before eating?

14. What's Sam's Dad doing now?

15. Why did Sam's Dad sleep late last night?


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It was late at night The traffic was usually bad at the moment in the city. Miss Brown wanted to be on time to her friend's house. She was afraid because it was raining, and the traffic in the rain was worse than usual Miss Brown also had bad eyes. She didn' t think she looked beautiful when she wore glasses, so she didn't wear glasses any more. She was trying to read the road signs, but she could not see them. The first thing she did was that she started to drive slowly. The second thing she did was that she turned on the radio. When she listened to the radio she did not feel afraid or a-lone. The third thing she did was that she went to a hotel and slept She drove to her friend's house the next morning when the traffic was good. The third thing she did was the best idea. She did not want to lose time, but she really wanted to make herself safe.


16. what was the weather like that night?

17. Where was Miss Brown going?

18. Why was Miss Brown afraid?

19. What was Miss Brown's first thing to do?

20. Which was Miss Brown's best idea?

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