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X.任务型阅读 阅读短文,按要求完成各题 (5分)

Chen-Chieh Chuang believes that medicine is an art. He also believes that art is good medicine. Chuang is an artist, but he is also a doctor. Chuang believes that both art and medicine help people to heal(治愈). Before he sees his first patient(病人) every morning, Chuang paints. “… Art heals me,” he says. And he hopes to use his art to heal others.

Chuang was born in Taiwan. He learned to paint when he was a child. From a

very young age, he wanted to be both an artist and a doctor. When he went to college, he studied art and biochemistry(生物化学) at Brown University in Rhode Island. After Chuang graduated from Brown, he taught art in New York City for a year. Then he began to study in the medical school at Yale University.

After medical school, Chuang worked as a doctor in poor communities. He traveled and worked all over the United States, from Arizona to Alaska. During this time, he also continued painting. He painted the beautiful things of nature, for example plants, flowers, and birds.

A few years ago, Chuang decided to work in one place for a while. He opened a medical office in Massachusetts. He also began to show and sell his paintings, and he started a class for medical students called Art and Medicine. Chuang designed it to help students see the relationship between art and medicine. He wants to help students become creative doctors.

In 2005, Chuang bought his own building and moved his medical practice(诊所) there. “It’s my big art project,” says Chuang. Outside the building, there are thousands of flowers and trees. In the waiting area, there are large windows and plants everywhere. Chuang’s paintings and photographs are on the walls. There are also books on art, health, sports, and of course, medicine.

Next to the waiting area, there is a kitchen. There is always fruit there for the patients. Sometimes Chuang bakes bread, and the smell fills the waiting area. Chuang says, “Most of the time when people come to the doctor’s, they are already nervous. I want to make them feel comfortable.”

106. 根据短文内容完成句子填空(每空限填一个单词)。

From the second paragraph of the passage, we know Chen-chieh Chuang was once a ________ in New York City before he became a _________ of the medical school at Yale University. 107. 根据短文内容完成句子填空(每空限填一个单词)。

In 2005, Chen-Chieh Chuang bought his own building and ___________ it his medical practice. He ___________ it as his big art project.

108. 根据短文内容回答问题。

According to the passage, what is Chen-Chieh Chuang’s purpose of starting the class called Art and Medicine? __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 109. 把短文中画底线的句子译成汉语。


______________________________________________________________________________ 110. 根据短文内容用一个完整的英文句子(限15个词以内)回答问题。

What is the main idea of the passage?



X. 106. teacher; student

107. made; regarded

108. To help students see the relationship between art and medicineand help students become creative doctors.

109. 病人对创医生诊所里的一切———从外面的花园到里面美丽的画作———都很喜爱。但他们尤其喜爱创医生,他既是艺术家也是医生,是他创建了这个特殊的场所。

110. Art can help doctors with their work. / Dr. Chen helps his patients by art. / Dr. Chen is both a doctor and an artist.



Close your eyes. Think about a happy memory. What do you see? What do you smell? Do memories smell? Haraid Vogt and Avery Gilbert think so. Smell and memory are very important to them. Why? They sell smells.

Who do they the smells to? And how can they sella smell? Businesses come to Vogt and Gilbert for help. Vogt and Gilbert find a smell to go with the business’s product. For example, Vogt and Gilbert worked with and expensive hotel in New York City. They developed a smell like expensive cologne(科隆香水)for the hotel’s owners. Then they put it in the air of the hotel hallway. Why did they choose the smell of cologne? A lot of businessmen stay at that hotel. The hotel’s owners want their guests(客人)to feel like they are in an expensive men’s club. And rich men wear expensive cologne.

Using smell to sell things is not new. Bakers know that the smell of baking bread brings in customers. They always make sure that people on the street can smell the baking bread. Chocolate makers do the same thing. And of course perfume (香水)makers sell smells.

In the past, only the food and perfume businesses used smell to sell their products. But today, more and more businesses are trying it, from hotels to airlines(航空公司). Some companies put a special smell on the advertisement that they send to customers. For example, one car company uses a perfume on their booklet that smells like a new car.

But do smells really sell? The answer seems to by yes. Smells become a part of our memories. And memory is important in sales, why? When customers remember the name of a product, they usually choose it again. But there are a lot of choices these days, so it isn’t easy to remember product names. That’s why smell is important. It helps people remember.

In the future, will different computers and televisions have different smells? Vogt and Gilbert think so. They are sure that one day, most businesses will use smell to sell.


From the first paragraph of the passage, we know Harald Vogt and Avery Gilbert sell ______ and

they ______ memories smell.

107. 根据短文内容完成句子填空(每空限填一个单词)。

According to the passage, smells are ______ for business because they can ______ people to remember the product names.

108. 根据短文内容回答问题。

According to the passage, how did Vogt and Gilbert help the hotel owner’s business?

109. 把短文中画底线的句子译成汉语。


What is the main idea of the passage?



X. 任务型阅读 阅读短文,按要求完成各题。(5分)

Different countries have different languages. Among the 6000 languages, English is the most science, business, transportation and other fields. It’s so useful to learn English that English is taught as the first foreign language in many countries. China is one of them. Especially after the successful bid of the 2008 Olympic Games, Chinese pay more attention to the English education. Even some old people begin to learn English.

Chinese isn’t so widely spoken as English, but it is spoken by the largest number of people, including Chinese and some foreigners. As more and more Chinese people go abroad, the number of speakers is becoming larger.

Both Chinese and English are the official languages in the UN. The other four are Arabic, French, Russian and Spanish. All these languages are widely spoken by people in different continents.

105. 把划线部分翻译成汉语。

___________________________________________________________________________ 106. 根据短文内容填空。There are __________ official languages in the UN.

107. 回答下面的问题

1). Is English the most widely used among the 6000 languages?


2). Are there more and more people learning Chinese?


3). Which is the language spoken by the largest number of people?




Minoru Yamasaki was a well-known American architect(建筑师).He was bom in 1912 in Seat tle ,Washington. His parents came from Japan. Mi noru went to college

to study architecture. Every summer he worked in a fish factory to help pay

for college. Often he worked from four o' clock in the morning until midnight.

He slept in a room with 100 other men. Later in life, Yamasaki remembered

these times and was always good to his workers.

Yamasaki sometimes dreamed about his work. Once he woke up at

three o' clock in the morning. He remembered a building that was in his dream. He got up and started to draw. Yamasaki used a new design for the buildings. These buildings are now the Century Plaza Hotel, and Tower in Los Angeles , California.

Yamasaki was different from other architects. His buildings give peo ple a feeling of peace and happiness. Many of his designs have pools of water, flowers, and windows on the roof to let in light. He always de signed buildings to please people. He wanted to give them a place away from the busy ways of modem life.

Yamasaki worked for several companies. But his success began when he started his own company. In 1956, he won the Architect' s First Honor Award for his design of an airport in St. Louis, Missouri, In 1962, he designed the World Trade Center in New York. It is very famous.

In 1993, a bomb exploded (炸弹爆炸)in the World Trade Center. But the buildings did not fall down because they had a good design.

Yamasaki had strong opinions about his buildings. They had to be built his way. He refused to change the design of his buildings , even if he lost a job.

Minoru Yamasaki died in 1986. He designed more than 300 build ings. People will enjoy the design and beauty of his buildings for a very long time.

105. 根据短文内容完成句子填空(每空限填一个单词)。

In the first paragraph the writer of the passage tells us when and where Minoru Yamasaki .

106. 根据短文内容完成句子填空(每空限填一个单词)。

The buildings that Minoru Yamasaki designed are different from the

other architects, because his buildings always make people feel and . 107. 根据短文内容回答问题。

From which sentence in the passage can we know Yamasaki had strong opinions about his buildings?

108. 把短文中画底线的句子译成汉语。

109. 根据短文内容用一个完整的英文句子(限8个词以内)回答问题。

Minoru Yamasaki was a well-known American architect. What is he famous for?

105. was bom/ ever worked

106. peaceful ; happy

107. He refused to change the design of his buildings, even if he lost a job.

108. 在接下来的五年时间里他又赢得了另外两项大奖。

109. He is famous for his design and buildings. One possible version :




The New York City Marathon was started by a man named Fred Lebow.It began in 1970 as a small,unimportant race.Only 127 people ran,and just 55 of them finished.They ran around Central Park four times.Few people watched them run.However,over the years the marathon

grew and became more popular.

Today people come from all over the world to run in the marathon.Runners must be at least 18 years old,but there is no age limit(限制).In fact,the oldest runner was an 89-year-old man.Recently,more than 27,000 people ran in the New York City Marathon.Large crowds cheered the runners and offered them cold drinks and encouragement.

The course(路线)of the marathon has changed,too.Instead of running around Central Park,the runners go through the five districts of New York City:Queens,Brooklyn,Manhattan,the Bronx,and Staten Island.The marathon begins at the base(基座)of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in Staten Island.The runners go across the bridge into Brooklyn.Then they go up through Queens and into the Bronx.The marathon finishes in Central Park in Manhattan.The complete course is 26.2 miles,and takes the best runners less than 3 hours.

Although it has changed since 1970,the New York City Marathon is always

exciting.Through the years,many unusual events(事件)have happened during the marathon.For example,Pat Tuz and John Weilbaker got married a few minutes before the race.Then they ran the race with their party members.Some people run the whole marathon as a family.Other people run the race backwards.

In the fall of 1992,Fred Lebow,the founder(创始人)of the New York City Marathon,slowly ran his last race.He was very ill with cancer,but he did not want to stop running.In October 1994,Fred died


The course of the New York City Marathon in 1970 was to the Central Park four times.


Look at the map.A runner has to go across over the river before he completes the whole course.


In October 1994,to Fred Lebow,the founder of the New York City Marathon.



What does the writer want us to know about the New York City Marathon from the passage?

105.run around

107.death came



109.The history of the New York City Marathon.

106.two bridges

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