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21.--Excuse me.Is there pay phone near here?

--Yes.You can find one near the bus stop.

A.an B.the C.a

22.--Nice to meet you.I'm Sam.May I know your name?

--Of course.name is Jenny.Nice to meet you.

A.My B.Your C.Her

23.--What kind of is your favorite.Kevin?

--Chinese food! I like it very much.

A.city B.food C.sport

24.--Let’s play ping-pong!

--Good idea, I don't have a bat.

A.so B.or C.and

25.--Where is London? I have a pen pal there.

--It's England.

A.on B.in C.at

26.--Is that your sister Tara?

--No,it isn't.It's Tina.Tina is than Tara.

A.short B.shortest C.more short

27.You cool! Are these your new sunglasses?

A.taste B.look C.smell

28.--Hi,Cindy! How are you?

A.How are you? B.How do you do?

C.Yes,it is. D.I'm fine,thanks.


Which Fuwa comes from a panda? D./ D.His D.book D.but D.of D.shorter D.sound

30.The in the picture is a kind of animal.I learned about that in my biology class.

A.cabbage B.robot C.dolphin D.ruler

31. sunny day it is! It's really good to go out for a hiking.

A.What a B.What C.How a D.How

32.I'd like bowls of noodles.One is for myself and the other two are for my parents.

A.one B.two C.three D.four

33.--Did your class have a party last night?

--Yes,we did.We really enjoyed

A.yourself B.ourselves C.itself D.herself

34. eggs do you need for the soup?

--Well,one is probably enough.

A.How long B.How wide C.How much D.How many


35.Would you mind the window? It's cold outside.

A.going B.putting C.closing D.taking

36.We are going to finish the work the day tomorrow.

A.before B.across C.after D.between

37.Make sure to the lights when you leave.

A.turn over B.turn left C.turn off D.turn right

38.--When is the speech contest?

--Oh. Friday,September 29th.

A.They're B.It's C.I'm D.She's

39.Those are my three cousins.of them are interested in soap operas.

A.Each B.All C.Both D.One

40.If you take a bus at the airport, will take you half an hour to get here.

A.they B.it C.that D.these

41.The boy in brown is your neighbor,Ted, he?

A.doesn't B.don't C.isn't D.aren't

42.We should do to help the people in trouble.

A.nothing B.somebody C.something D.nobody

43.What do you want when you grow up,Sally?

A.to be B.does C.did D.be

44.Excuse me.Could you please for us? We’re thirsty and tired.

A.make money B.make a living C.make coffee D.make trouble

45.Please up your bedroom,Jack.It's too dirty.

A.set B.stay C.clean D.cheer

46.--I want some students for the school concert.Bill,you sing?

--Yes,I can.But only a little.

A.would B.must C.should D.can

47.--So,what do you think of your birthday party?

--I like it.It's really I think.

A.great B.boring C.ugly D.young

48.Pass me one more pen,please. only one here now.

A.There are B.There is C.There be D.There were

49.--What did your teacher say to you?

--He said

A.I was good at math B.what do I like

C.where do I live D.how could I read it

50.I've in the school for a year now,and I really love my students.

A.worked B.arrived C.joined D.come



Your junior high school years are coming to an end.After the big exam,most of you will go to in a senior high school. are you expecting from senior high? hear what plans some students have for the future.

1.Zhou Jie,15,from Shanghai,“I have heard that although Senior 3 is a year,


students feel less stressed out in Senior 1 and Senior 2.I hope there’ll be time to enjoy especially tennis.The Tennis Masters(大师)Cup will be held in Shanghai.I’m going to volunteer to help out and I’m sure I’ll really enjoy it.”

2.Jin Li,16,from Harbin,“I really enjoy science.I’m crazy about model planes,although I’m not good at I’ll learn more science in senior high.Anyway.sometime in the future I’m going to build a super model plane!”

3.Wang Ya,15,from Xiamen,“I hope I can be in senior high school.I’m only 155 cm.I want to be 162 cm. most of the girls in my family don’t grow any taller than 160 cm.I hope I’m different.”

4.Li Fan,15,from Puyang,“I hope I can make more friends.In senior high.I’ll meet different people from different areas.I hope I can learn new things them.”

51.A.walk B.study C.play D.write

52.A.When B.How C.What D.Where

53.A.Let's B.It's C.What's D.That's

54.A.hot B.hard C.light D.kind

55.A.book B.show C.photo D.sport

56.A.making B.sitting C.cooking D.cleaning

57.A.us B.him C.it D.her

58.A.shorter B.stronger C.thinner D.taller

59.A.So B.But C.When D.If

60.A.to B.for C.from D.at



A:Hi,Li Tao! Could you please tell me something about your new pen pal?

B:A:Thanks.What's his name'?

B:His name is Richard Evans and he's living with his parents in Hangzhou now.

A:Uh-huh.Where is he from?

B:He comes from Canada.Richard was born in Toronto.

A:Uh-huh.B:He's 15 years old.


B:Oh,he speaks English and French,and he says he is learning Chinese now.

A:Really? Many foreigners think Chinese is a difficult language.B:Yes,he does.But he works very hard at it.His families are going back to Canada this July.He has invited me to take a vacation there and he can learn Chinese from me by the time. A:How cool! Have you decided to go?

B:Yes,I have.61.A.Sure. B.Of course not. C.I don't know. D.Sorry.I can't.

62.A.How is he? B.Where is he? C.What is he? D.How old is he?

63.A.What class is he in? B.What is his hobby?

C.How many languages does he speak? D.Who is his Chinese teacher?

64.A.Why does he learn Chinese?

B.Does he also think it hard to learn Chinese?


C.Who does he learn Chinese from?

D.How does he learn Chinese?

65.A.I can also learn English from him. B.I can practice Chinese with him,too.

C.He can also teach me Chinese. D.He can learn English from me,too.



Linda is my best friend.She is as(86)________ as me,but she's a little taller.She is(87) energetic.

We sit together in class,and We both like the(88 subjects--art and science.We usually(89tennis for half an hour after school.Linda often wins.However,I do a little(90) than her in the tests.


try be become take


Henry,a 14-year-old boy,used(91too fat to play sports.He went to the doctor and(92 to have a balanced diet.So he(93 not to eat too much meat or sugar because they might make him get heavier.Now he isn't fat at all.He does sports every day and(94a member of the school soccer team.Next week Henry(95part in the school sports meet.



96.Judy can write stories.(改为否定句)

Judy write stories.

97.Mr. Li's family watch the CCTV news in the evening.(就画线部分提问)

do Mr. Li's family the CCTV news?

98.The reporter asked the girl.“Do you enjoy your volunteer work on weekends?”(改写句子,句意不变)

The reporter asked the girl she her volunteer work on weekends.

99.Should I arrive on time or a little later if someone invites me to dinner? (改写句子,句意不变)

Am I arrive on time or a little later if someone invites me to dinner? 100.Teachers can use cartoons to give examples in lessons about AIDS.(改为被动语态)

Cartoons can to give examples in lessons about AIDS.




You must show your when you book an air ticket.


The weather report said it would be cool this weekend. going to Wohushan Reservoir to fish?


The people in Wenchuan a lot of difficulties with the


help of the PLA.



People will see ten thousand smiling faces from children all over the world at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics.Because kids' smile a symbol of the bright future of the world.



The New York City Marathon was started by a man named Fred Lebow.It began in 1970 as a small,unimportant race.Only 127 people ran,and just 55 of them finished.They ran around Central Park four times.Few people watched them run.However,over the years the marathon

grew and became more popular.

Today people come from all over the world to run in the marathon.Runners must be at least 18 years old,but there is no age limit(限制).In fact,the oldest runner was an 89-year-old man.Recently,more than 27,000 people ran in the New York City Marathon.Large crowds cheered the runners and offered them cold drinks and encouragement.

The course(路线)of the marathon has changed,too.Instead of running around Central Park,the runners go through the five districts of New York City:Queens,Brooklyn,Manhattan,the Bronx,and Staten Island.The marathon begins at the base(基座)of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge in Staten Island.The runners go across the bridge into Brooklyn.Then they go up through Queens and into the Bronx.The marathon finishes in Central Park in Manhattan.The complete course is 26.2 miles,and takes the best runners less than 3 hours.

Although it has changed since 1970,the New York City Marathon is always

exciting.Through the years,many unusual events(事件)have happened during the marathon.For example,Pat Tuz and John Weilbaker got married a few minutes before the race.Then they ran the race with their party members.Some people run the whole marathon as a family.Other people run the race backwards.

In the fall of 1992,Fred Lebow,the founder(创始人)of the New York City Marathon,slowly ran his last race.He was very ill with cancer,but he did not want to stop running.In October 1994,Fred died


The course of the New York City Marathon in 1970 was to the Central Park four times.


Look at the map.A runner has to go across over the river before he completes the whole course.


In October 1994,to Fred Lebow,the founder of the New York City Marathon.



What does the writer want us to know about the New York City Marathon from the passage?


21.C 22.A 23.B 24.D 25.B 26.D 27.B 28.D 29.A 30.C 31.A 32.C 33.B 34.D 35.C 36.C 37.C 38.B 39.B 40.B 41.C 42.C 43.A 44.C 45.C 46.D 47.A 48.B 49.A 50.A 51.B 52.C 53.A 54.B 55.D 56.A 57.C 58.D 59.B 60.C 61.A 62.D 63.C 64.B 65.A 66.A 67.B 68.B 69.C 70.B 71.D 72.B 73.D 74.A75.A 76.A 77.C 78.D 79.C 80.A 81.game 82.zoo 83.tea 84.bike 85.Explain86.old 87.always 88.same 89.play 90.Better91.to be 92.was told 93.tried 94.has become/becomes95.is going to/will take 96.can not 97.When,watch 98.if,enjoyed 99.supposed to 100.be used 101.ID card 102.What/How about 103.have got over 104.is regarded as 105.run around 106.two bridges 107.death came




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