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第四部分 写作(共两大题,满分25分)

X. 单词拼写(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)


96. What do you like to do in your f______(空闲的) time?

97. I could hear her sweet v______ (噪音) from the next room.

98. Travelling by plane is expensive, but it s______ (节省) time.

99. Would you please make a shopping l________ (清单) for the picnic?

100. It's polite to k______ (敲) on the door before entering a room.



96. If you want to use the bag,you should e_________(倒空)it first.

97. Light music often makes people feel p__________(平静).

98. This is the t__________(第三) letter she has received this week.

99. My friend Tom never eats junk food. And he is h__________(健康的)than me.

100. To our s__________(惊讶),the factoryis still pouring waste water into the river near it.

6.Sometimes ______________(深厚的) feelings are hard to put into words.


7.Mr Wang was busy,but he_____________ (坚持) on seeing me off at the airport.

8.Will you join us in the _____________(讨论)about the teenage problems.

9.You can cross the road in____________(安全)when the traffic lights turn green.

10.In the morning taking a walk and _____________(呼吸)some fresh air are good for your health.

(2010 河北省卷. 词语运用,计 5 分)

81. It's a good habit to brush our teeth t________a day.

82. We need eleven________(play) for our soccer team.

83. What a ________(sun) day it is today! Let's go to the park.

84. Steven________(参加) the school dancing club last year.

85. How can you type and talk________(同时)?

(2010.江苏省盐城市 根据句意和提示写出单词,完成句子。计10分)

56.We are planning to go on a t________to Expo 2010 Shanghai during the coming holidays.

57.The h________you climb,the more beautiful view you will see.

58.S_________,it is very difficult for giant pandas to survive in the wild.

59.The three-D film Avatar w________an Oscar for its amazing photography on March 8,2010.

60.-I love English ,but I'm not good at it.

-Really ?Don't worry.Perhaps you need to p________speaking it more.

61.The soldiers coming to help people in Yushu county are also ________(英雄)in my mind.

62.(既然)_________you agree with me,let's start together.

63.-You look slimmer and healthier than before.

-Yes,I_________ (更喜欢)sweet snacks to vegetables before.

64.No one can achieve anything without ___________(努力).

65.You mustn't put the medicine __________(在……以内) children's reach.


1. People like travelling in _________ (春天) because it is neither too hot nor too cold.

2. —What’s your father’s ________ (职业)?

—He is a doctor.

3. The 30th Olympic Games will be held in London, the ________ (首都) of England.

4. Lucy is polite and _______ (乐于助人的). We all like her.

5. Our maths teacher asked you to go to his office ________ (立即). He is waiting for you.

6. Colours can change our moods and some may make us feel _________ (in need of sleep).

7. Hurry up, or we can’t ________ (arrive at) the railway statio n on time.


1. There are too many p__________ in a bus and the air in it is dirty. I choose to travel by train.

2. I want to see English movies to improve my English, but they speak too q_________ for me to catch their meaning.

3. Thursday is the f__________ day of a week.

4. Get up early, go out for some f__________ air and enjoy a healthy life.

5. I’m very upset because everyone else in my class was invited to the party e___________ me. I feel so lonely.

6. A bite of China is a program on CCTV introducing food ____________ (文化)of China.

7. Good sleep helps the body and brain grow and ______________ (发展).

8. If you like shopping, Xidan will be your ____________(最喜欢的)place.

9. Four suggestions of students from Beijing National Day School were ____________ (接受)and reported to NPC during the NPC and CPPCC meetings in March.

10. I’ve had some most _____________ (美味的) food in that restaurant.


1. The boy ______(花费)three days reading the novel.

2. To our________(愉快), the actress will come to Xingyi next Sunday.

3. It’s not reasonable to _______ (浪费)too much time on video games

4. Qipao is a _____________ (传统的)dress for Chinese women, and it is becoming popular in the world of high fashion.

5. There is going to be a _______________(毕业)ceremony next month.

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