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英 语 试 题 卷



2.全卷分试题卷和答题卷。试题卷分试卷I 和试卷II 两部分。所有答案必须做在答题卷



卷 Ⅰ


第一部分 听力部分



1. What are the two speakers talking about?

A. The food. B. The weather. C. The transport.

2. What has Mary got on her birthday?

A. A watch. B. A computer. C. A camera.

3. What does Tom want to be in the future?

A. A policeman. B. A singer. C. A teacher.

4.Which is Lingling’s favourite animal?

A. A lion. B. A pig. C. An elephant.

5. How will the man go to Beijing?

A. By air. B. By car. C. By train.

第二节:听长对话,从A、B、C三个选项中选出正确的选项,回答问题。(共5小题, 每小题1分,满分5分)


6. What was David doing when the accident happened?

A. He was walking along the street. B. He was crossing the street.

C. He was standing on the street corner.

7. Which part of David's body was hurt?

A. His left arm. B. His left leg. C. His right leg.


8. What did Dan do yesterday morning?

2014年永康市九年级适应性考试英语试题卷 第 1 页 共8页

A. He watched a football match. B. He played tennis with his friends.

C. He worked a little at his computer.

9. Where was Dan yesterday afternoon?

A. At home. B. At a gym. C. In his office.

10. When did the girl go to bed last night?

A. At about 9:00. B. At about 10. C. At about 11:00.


12. A. China B. India C. England

13. A. made a fire B. made some coffee C. made some friends

14. A. Insects B. A snake C. Birds

15. A. Interesting B. Exciting C. Terrible

第二部分 笔试部分



16. Here’s useful book . A. a; The B. a; A C. an; The D. an; A

17. ---When shall we start, today or tomorrow?

is OK. You decide.

A.Neither B.Both C.Either D.None

18. Mr. Black is strongly _____ keeping animals in the zoo, because he thinks animals should also

have the right to enjoy freedom.

A. up B. down C. for D. against

19. --- A second-hand computer is much than a new one.

---That’s true, but I’d like a new one.

A. better B. cheaper C. bigger D. smaller

20. ---Do you think yesterday’s math problem was difficult?

---Yes. I could work it out.

A.hardly B.easily C.finally D.nearly

21. ---Why are you still here? It's so late.

---Because I my work. Don't worry. It's almost done.

A. wasn't finishing B. wouldn't finish C. haven't finished D. won't finish

22. --- Is he still raising money for charity?

2014年永康市九年级适应性考试英语试题卷 第 2 页 共8页

---Yes. He never _______hope of helping poor children. A. gives up B. gives out C. gives back D. gives away

23. ---You should your teacher’s advice if you want to improve your science.

---That sounds great. A. get B. catch C. follow D. hear

---Every four years.

A. How far B. How often C. How soon D. How long

25. She looked at the beautiful scarf and wondered .

A. how much does it cost B. how much it costs

C. how much did it cost D. how much it cost

26. ---Bob has got his trousers dirty again!

---Don’, he’s only a five-year-old child.

A. After all B. Above all C. First of all D. That’s all

27. You be tired after playing sports for a long time without a rest.

A. need B. must C. can D. should

28. --- Many trees around our school last spring.

---The more trees, the better.

A. were planting B. planted C. were planted D. are planted

is in June.

A. Teachers’ Day B. Christmas Day C. Mother’s Day D. Father’s Day

30. --- I’ll be away on holiday. Would you mind looking after my pet?

---Not at all.A.I’ve no time B.I’d rather not C.You can leave D.I’d be glad to


阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。 I worked for a short time as a waiter at a a few months ago. I also helped to clean up the tables when it was very One night, just before Christmas, I found a large black wallet the floor near one of the tables. I guessed I should check it to find out was the owner, but I was very busy at the time. And I imagined that there was something valuable in the wallet, the owner would be back. Sure enough, an hour a man came up to the counter and asked if anyone had found a wallet. I him to describe the lost wallet, and after he described it exactly, I gave him the wallet. He expressed his I had opened At once he opened it showed that it had nearly $ 800 in cash. He took out a twenty-dollar bill and it to me and I was amazed at this.

Thinking about it later, I began wondering whether I would have been if I had known what was in the wallet! I thought that if I had no way to the owner and no one returned to get it, I might keep it. But it also came into my that I actually saved someone’s Christmas plans by finding and returning the wallet. The good feeling it gave me was worth more than we could buy with money.

31. A. bookshop B. hotel C. hospital D. restaurant

32. A. interesting B. busy C. boring D. tiring

2014年永康市九年级适应性考试英语试题卷 第 3 页 共8页

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