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I. —Thank you for the presents. They are so great!

A. Please don't say so B. No, thanks

C. Pm glad you like them D. No, they are not good enough

2.1'm just going to ________market, mum. Do you want_________?

A. (不填); something B. the; everything C. (不填); nothing D. the; anything

3. The baby is- too young. You ________give her big pieces of food.

A. may B. must C. may not D. must not

4. Computers, however, are actually ________they were five years ago.

A. so cheap as B. cheaper than C. so expensive as D. much expensive than

5. Pm not hungry because I ________lunch already.

A. have B. had C. am having D. have had

6.—Where's Mrs. Li taking Polly and Mickey?

—She's taking ________across the street.

A. them B. us C. you D. it

7. This week, the weather _______to change every day: One day is hot, the next is cold.

A. seems B. looks C. sounds D. feels

8.1 feared that the film would be boring _____it turned out to be very exciting.

A. and B. but C. so D. or

9. At the end of the volleyball match, our school_________ won by 3:1.

A. members B. group C. team D. fans

10. While we were watching the play, I _____noticed a man with a funny look.

A. usually B. suddenly C. quickly D. carefully

11. The red suitcase costs more because it_________ leather.

A. makes of B. made of C. is made of D. is making of

12. There was an exciting moment in our class when a large bird flew ________the room.

A. from B. into C. onto D. with

13. I ________him in a way. Some of his ideas are right. A. speak to

B. come to C. stay with D. agree with

14. I'll park the car at Pacific Place, _________the car park there is full.

A. unless B. if C. when D. after

15. —Would you please tell me ________next? —Think it over. You'll find a good way.

A. when to do B. how to do C. what to do D. where to do 16—She has just had cup of milk for breakfast.

—That’s not enough.


A. a; a B. the; the C. a; / D. a; an

17. Two languages are spoken in Canada is English and is French.

A. One; another B. One; the other C. One; other D. One; the others

18. Please don’t the bus until it stops.

A. get off B. get out C. get up D. get in

19. I think playing ping-pong is interesting than playing basketball.

A. very much B. more much C. much more D. too more

20. — nice weather it is! Let’s go and have a picnic in the park.

A. What B. What a C. How D. How a

21. Mary had great big tears in her eyes when she finished reading,

A. did she B. didn’t she C. was she D. wasn’t she

22. She won’t let her daughter by the river.

A. plays B. to play C. playing D. play

23. Alice Chinese since she to china. She speaks Chinese very well now.

A. learns; has come B. learned; has come

C. has learned; came D. will learn; came

24. We are reading a report is about Wu Bin.

A. what B. who C. / D. which

25. —My grandmother’s birthday is coming, I’m going to visit her. —Please give her my best wishes.

A. No, I won’t B. Thank you all the same

C. I will, thank you D. That’s all righ

26.My mother is ____ English teacher in a university in Beijing.

A.a B.an C.the D./

27.Project Hope has built many schools ____ big classrooms and libraries.

A.in B.of C.for D.with

28.I ____ to the cinema.Would you like to come with me?

A.go B.am going C.have gone D.went

29.Lingling and Betty are great. ____ of them have been chosen to enter the maths competition.

A.None B.Neither C.All D.Both

30.Do not use so much water. It's ____.

A.healthy B.useful C.wasteful D.rude

31.Liu Xiang won the first Olympic gold ____ in the 110m hurdles for China.

A.medal B.prize C.symbol D.record

32.Mum, can I have something to ____ now? I'm really hungry!


A.do B.use C.eat D.see

33.Laptops are smaller and lighter so that they can be carried very ____.

A.clearly B.regularly C.easily D.carefully

34.In Britain, you ____ be 18 if you want to drive a car.

A.can B.must C.may D.might

35.The ____ of the great book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, is Mark Twain..

A.theme B.price C.owner D.writer

36.Mark isn't coming to the concert ____ he has got too much work to do.

A.so B.until C.although D.because

37.Today it's normal for married women to go out to work, but it was ____ in the past.

A.common B.more common C.less common D.the most common

38.David wrote a story about teenage life, and it ____ as a book in 2003.

A.went out B.came up C.grew up D.came out

39.Music isn't Sally's main interest, ____ she wants to see some Beijing Opera today.

A.but B.so C.or D.and

40.Dr. Bethune ____ working in spite of cutting his hand during an operation.

A.stopped B.continued C.forgot D.enjoyed

41.-Thank you for taking me around your school, Daming.


A.Don't mention it. B.Never mind. C.Of course not. D.No problem.

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