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Ⅴ. 单项选择。(共20小题,每小题1分,计20分) 26. Why were your parents angry _________ you yesterday evening? A. to

B. on

C. for

D. with

27. –Two months _________ quite a long time.

–Yes, I’m afraid that he will miss a lot of lessons. A. is

B. are

C. were

D. was

28. The boy found _________ pen he lost last night.

A. a B. the C. an D. 不填 29. About two thirds of the doctors in the hospital were born in the _________. A. 1970 B. 1970s C. 1970s’ D. 1970’

30. Since the villagers’ houses have been damaged in the earthquake, the soldiers are helping them _________ tents.

A. put on B. put off C. put up D. put away 31. While I _________ with my friend, she came in. A. talks B. am talking C. was talking D. am going to talk 32. Remember to return the book to school library on time, _______ your teacher will get angry. A. or B. but C. and D. unless 33. _________ mothers both work in the same hospital.

A. Tim and Peter’s B. Tim’s and Peter C. Tim’s and Peter’s D. Tim and Peter

34. The house is too small for the Wang’s family _________.

A. to live B. living in C. lives in D. to live in

35. Ads sometimes help people learn more about new products, but sometimes ads _________ tell lies. A. must B. can C. need D. should

36. –It’s a secret between you and me. Don’t tell anybody.

–Sure, _________.

A. I do B. I don’t C. I will D. I won’t

37. Someone is coming, _________?

A. is someone B. isn’t it C. isn’t someone D. aren’t they

38. Tom dislikes the films _________ have too much fighting. A. that B. what C. whose D. who 39. –_________ will the students be back from Beijing? –In two days, I think.

A. How often B. How soon C. How long D. How fast

40. After finishing your paper, look it over to _________ there are no mistakes.

A. think of B. try on C. make sure D. agree with

41. Li Dong and Zhang Ming _________ friends since they met in 2000.

A. made B. have been C. have made D. have become

42. _________ you gave us! Let’s celebrate it.

A. What a pleasant surprise B. How a pleasant surprise C. How pleasant surprise D. What pleasant surprise

43. –I didn’t know this is a one-way street, sir. –_________. Please show me your driving license. A. I don’t care B. I hope so

C. It’s all right D. Sorry, no excuse 44. Do you know _________ this time yesterday?

A. what she is cooking B. what is she cooking C. what she was cooking D. what was she cooking

45. Jim went swimming with his parents yesterday afternoon. _________.

A. So did Mary B. So Mary does C. So Mary was D. So Mary did Ⅵ. 完形填空。(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)


Dragon Head-Raising (龙抬头) Day is a traditional Chinese festival. It comes on the day of the second lunar (农历的) month. In 2010, it is March 7. On the day in ancient times, people put paths of ashes (灰) into kitchens and around water vats (缸). This was the dragon into the house. On this day people eat noodles, dumplings and fried pancakes. All the day’s foods are after

dragons. For example, people eat “dragon whisker (龙须)” called “dragons teeth”. In some ancient Chinese stories, dragons have power over the wind and rain. They often rain to the world on the second day of the second lunar month. It is said that after that day there will be more and more rain. This is the day is often called “Spring Dragon Day”. It was hoped that the help of the dragon, ploughing (耕种) would be

easier and the autumn would bring a good harvest. It was said that a haircut during the first lunar month brought luck to the uncles in family. This is why you still see many people their hair cut on Dragon Head-Raising Day. 46. A. first B. second C. third D. fourth 47. A. in B. at C. during D. on

48. A. led B. lead C. to lead D. be led

49. A. named B. naming C. calling D. to call

50. A. noodle and dumpling B. noodles and dumpling C. noodles and dumplings D. noodle and dumplings 51. A. bring B. take C. carry D. lend

52. A. because B. why C. when D. that 53. A. under B. in C. with D. by 54. A. good B. bad C. better D. worst

55. A. was getting B. to get C. got D. getting

Ⅶ. 阅读理解。(共15小题,每小题2分,计30分)



If you have no special plans for your holidays, why not spend your time helping others?

Don’t listen to people who say the young people today often think only of themselves. It’s not true at all. More and more young people in the USA volunteer to spend their school holidays working for others, and they don’t do it for money. Here are some of their stories.

Alice Hamilton, 17

I’m going to help the Forest Center build new hiking paths in the mountains. It’s going to be great—I’ll spend the whole summer living in the tent and breathing the clean mountain air. I’m going to sleep under the stars. It will be a nice sport, and I’ll be able to do something good at the same time.

Jason Moore, 18

This summer, I’m going to volunteer with Special House Program. They build good, low-cost houses and sell them to families that are not very rich. They’ll teach me what to do, so I’ll help people and also have a chance to learn how to build houses.

Trish Anderson, 16

I’m going to teach kids who have trouble reading. I’ll work for a program called Reading for Life. Every day, I’m going to help kids choose and read books that they like. I want to be a teacher, and I love children and reading, so this is going to be a great experience for me. 56. Young people in the USA volunteer to spend _________ helping others. A. school holidays B. weekdays C. every day D. every summer 57. What does Alice volunteer to do in summer? A. To sleep under the stars. B. To breathe the clean mountain air.

C. To spend the whole summer living at home. D. To help build new hiking paths in the mountains.

58. From the passage, we know that Jason Moore _____________.

A. likes reading B. is 18 years old C. isn’t very rich D. is good at sports 59. __________ wants to be a teacher.

A. Alice Hamilton B. Jason Moore C. Trish Anderson D. None of them 60. Which is the best title for this passage?

A. Reading for Life B. A Special House Program C. The Forest Center D. Young American Volunteers


Do you know how to play a game called “Musical Chairs”? It is easy to play and most people enjoy it.

All you need are some chairs, some people and some way of making music. You may use a piano or any other musical instrument(乐器), if someone can play it. You may use a tape recorder. You can even use a radio.

Put the chairs in a row. The chairs may be put in twos, back to back. A better way is to have the chairs in one row with each chair facing in the opposite direction to the chair next to it.

The game is easy. When the music starts, the players walk round the chairs. Everyone goes in the same direction, of course, they should walk in time to the music. If the music is fast they should walk quickly. If the music is slow, they should walk slowly.

The person playing music cannot see the people in the game. When the music stops, the players try to sit on the chairs. If a person cannot find a chair to sit on, he drops out. Then, before the music starts again, one chair must be taken away. When the music stops again, one more player will be out.

At last, there will be two players and one chair. The one who sits on the chair when the music stops is the winner.

61. If ten people are playing “Musical Chairs”, you must begin with ___________. A. nine chairs B. ten chairs C. eleven chairs D. one chair 62. Which of the following is not proper for playing “Musical Chairs”?

A. A piano. B. A radio. C. A tape recorder. D. A telephone. 63. The chairs should be put __________.

A. in a line B. with the desks C. before the winner D. all over the room 64. When the music starts, the players must ___________. A. run about the room B. get down C. walk around the chairs D. sit on the chairs 65. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The winner can sit on the chair.

B. At last there will be two players and two chairs. C. If the person plays music, he cannot be the winner. D. The game “Musical Chairs” is not difficult to learn.


Cell phones are all around us. We use cell phones to call our friends, send text messages, play games, and even take photographs. Now imagine using your cell phone to call your air conditioner (空调). If this

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