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V.单项选择(共20小题,每小题1分,计20分) 选择可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

26.John bought ________ for himself yesterday.

A.two pairs of shoes B.two pair of shoe C.two pair of shoes D.two pairs shoes 27.—Excuse me,I want to buy some milk.Where can I find a supermarket?

—Oh,I know ________ not far from my home. A.it B.that C.one D.its 28.—The books are so nice,which one can I take?

—Oh,you can take ________ of them.I’ll keep none. A.both B.all C.neither D.either

29.Now the air in our city is ________ than it used to be.Something must be done to stop it.

A.very good B.much better C.rather bad D.even worse 30.Each of us has to write a ________ report every two weeks.

A.two-hundred-word B.two-hundreds-word C.two-hundreds-words D.two-hundred-words 31.Look,Tina is waiting ________ the bus stop.

A.for B.at C.in D.to

32.His hobby is ________ watching TV ________ playing the piano.It’s reading books.

A.either;or B.both;and C.neither;nor D.not only;but also 33.—Is Mrs.Smith in?

—I’m afraid she isn’t.Would you like to ________ a message? A.take B.send C.keep D.leave 34.—Mary,here’s a dictionary.I hope it will help you.

—Thanks a lot.It’s ________ what I need. A.just B.nearly C.even D.almost 35.—Are you going to help John with his Chinese this evening?

—No,He ________ to England.He will be back next month. A.returned B.has returned C.returns D.will return 36.Usually John ________ to school in his father’s beautiful car.

A.has taken B.is taking C.is taken D.has been taken 37.—May I listen to the music here,Mr.White?

—Sorry,you’d better ________ it like that. A.not to do B.not do C.don’t do D.not do to 38.—Could you please come to the museum with me this afternoon?

—Sorry,I ________.I have to take a piano lesson at 2 pm. A.couldn’t B.mustn’t C.can’t D.needn’t

39.—Has your father finished his report?

—Sorry,I don’t know.He ________ it this morning. A.was writing B.wrote C.has written D.had written 40.People often go skating in ________ winter.

A./ B.a C.an D.the 41.If I find his phone number,I ________ you.

A.tell B.told C.will tell D.have told 42.I don’t know the teacher ________ is talking with Miss Wang.

A.what B.whom C.which D.who 43.—Sandy,can you tell me ________?

—Sorry,I’ve no idea.

A.how many guests have been here B.when is the party C.why did they come D.where will they leave 44.He’s given an important report on the work of the government,________?

A.isn’t he B.is he C.hasn’t he D.has he 45.________ nice flowers ! Where did you buy them?

A.How B.What C.What a D.What an



Building a house is an operation which costs quite a lot of money.Suppose you plan to a house,your first step is to find a suitable piece of You will probably try to find a sunny place,in a situation,near stores and bus stops,not too far from your friends and the place where you work.

Next you will find an builder.And together with the builder you will make a ,The builder will draw it.The builder will also .He will estimate(估计)the cost of the wood,the glass,and everything else that he must use in building the house.Later on,when he starts to build,this estimate must because the prices may ,and many other thing may happen between the time when he makes the estimate and the time when he builds the house.

the builder gives you his estimate,you may wish to change your plan.You may find that some of the things you wanted at first cost too much,a little more and add something to your original plan. 46.A.buy B.decorate C.build D.find 47.A.floor

B.place C.land D.playground 48.A.mysterious B.surprised C.pleased D.pleasant 49.A.excited B.experienced C.interesting D.extra 50.A.map




51.A.find out B.carry on C.work out D.work on 52.A.be corrected B.be copied C.be read D.be written 53.A.swap B.change C.exist D.influence 54.A.When B.While C.Until D.Since 55.A.cost



D.pay for




When I was at university,I studied very hard.But a lot of my friends did very little work.Some did just enough to pass exams.Others didn’t do quite enough.Fred Baines was one of them.He spent more time drinking in the Students’ Union than working in the library. Once at the end of the term,we had to take an important test in chemistry.The test had a hundred questions. In my room the night before the test,Fred was watching TV.Fred usually worried a lot the night before a test.But on that night he looked perfectly calm.Then he told me of his plan.“It’s very simple.There are a hundred questions and I have to get fifty correct to pass the test.I’ll take a coin into the examination room.I haven’t studied a chemistry book for months,so I’ll just toss the coin.That way,I’m sure I’ll get half the questions right.”

The next day,Fred came happily into the exam room.As he sat tossing a coin for half an hour he marked down his answers.Then he left,half an hour before the rest of us.

The next day,he saw the chemistry professor in the corridor.“Oh,good,”he said,“Have you got the result of the test?”The professor looked at him and smiled,“Ah,it’s you,Baines.Just a minute.”Then he reached into his pocket and took out a coin.He threw it into the air,caught it in his hand and looked at it.

“I’m terribly sorry,Baines,”he said,“You failed!” 56.This story mainly wants to tell us ________.

A.chemistry is really hard to learn

B.there were too many questions for students to prepare for C.good exam results needs hard study

D.tossing a coin can not always decide the result 57.Fred Baines was one of those who ________.

A.did just enough to pass the exam B.didn’t work hard enough for their studies

C.had too much other work for the Students’ Union D.were quite good at passing exams

58.Fred came happily into the exam room because ________.

A.he had got ready for the exam B.he knew the answers already

C.the other students would be behind him D.he had his way to finish the exam 59.The chemistry exam in fact ________.

A.was not very hard B.took the other students an hour to finish

C.had more than one hundred questions D.needed to be done by tossing a coin 60.The professor tossed the coin to tell Baines that ________.

A.he was satisfied with his way for the exam B.he wanted to make friends with him C.his way for the exam would never work D.the exam result depended on the coin


Harry’s father bought a magazine which gave its readers information about all kinds of products and helped them make the best choice while buying.

Harry borrowed his father’s magazine when he needed a new computer.“I’ll read it and choose the best one.” He said.

Harry chose the BNK 975XF.“I know it’s expensive,” he said,“but it will be with me for a long time and do everything I want it to do.”

61.Harry wants to buy a computer,so he borrowed ________ from his father.

A.a computer magazine B.a magazine about all kinds of products C.a shopping book D.a book about all kinds of computers 62.________ doesn’t have much memory and is rather slow.

A.The DGT PC450 B.The BNK 975XF C.The CGP 8PT D.Harry’s computer 63.The CGP 8PT is ________ among the three kinds of computers.

A.the fastest B.the most expensive C.the cheapest

D.the slowest

64.Harry chose the BNK 975XF because ________.

A.it is the most expensive B.it has lots of good software

C.it has much memory D.it would work for him for a long time 65.________ helped Harry to choose the computer.

A.His father

B.His friend

C.The shopkeeper

D.The magazine


Everybody can suffer from stress.No matter what your age is,you can feel stressed out by things that are happening in your life.Teenagers,however,have many more opportunities to get stressed than people in any other age group.Being a teenager is hard.You are not a child any more,but you are not an adult,even though you have to deal with some very grown-up problems and decisions.Families can be one of the biggest causes of stress,such as problems with parents arguing at home.or problems with brothers and sisters.Teenagers also have a lot of stress from school,either from their teachers or from their friends.Some teenagers also feel stressed about choosing their education after high school.Getting a place at university can be very difficult and some cannot afford to go to university.The stress about getting a job when finishing school is hard for some teenagers.There are so many young people finishing school and not enough jobs for them.Sadly,there is nothing we can do to remove these causes of stress from the 1ives of teenagers,but you can learn the best way to deal with it.Talking to people is one of the best ways to deal with stress.It may sound simple,but it is true.A problem shared is a problem halved. 66.Why is being a teenager often difficult?

A.Because even though you are not an adult,you must deal with adult problems. B.Because even though you are an adult,you must deal with children’s problems.

C.Because even though you are a teenager,you must do a lot of homework. D.Because adults often make them feel stressed.

67.Families can add to the stress a teenager might experience ________.

A.by asking them to go to university B.by helping them with their homework

C.as teenagers quarrel with their parents,and their brothers or sisters D.as families never support their children enough 68.Why can leaving school be a stressful time for teenagers?

A.Because they will be leaving their favourite teachers. B.Because many people’s favourite memories are at school. C.Because they may worry about getting a place at university. D.Because they may worry about becoming an adult. 69.Why can finding a job after finishing school be difficult?

A.Because there is a lot of competition for jobs. B.Because there are no jobs.

C.Because a job is more difficult than school work.

D.Because there is a lot of competition for places at university. 70.We can deal with the stress in our life ________.

A.by not trying to find a job B.by forgetting about our problems C.by getting a place at university

D.by sharing our problems with our friends

Ⅸ.任务型阅读(共5小题,每小题2分,计10分) 阅读短文,并按要求完成下列句子。

We know that many animals do not stay in one place.Birds,fish and other animals move from one place to another place at a certain time.They move for different reasons: most of them move to find food more easily,but others move to get away from places that are too crowded.

When cold weather comes,many birds move to warmer places to find food.Some fishes give birth in warm water and move to cold water to feed.The most famous migration is probably the migration of fish,which is called “salmon”(鲑鱼).This fish is born in fresh water but it travels many miles to salt water.When it is old,it returns to its birthplace in fresh water.Then it gives birth and dies.In northern Europe,there is a kind of mouse.They leave their

mountain homes when they become too crowded.They move down to the low land.Sometimes they move all the way to the seaside,and many of them are killed when they fall into the sea.

Recently,scientists have studied the migration of a kind of lobster(龙虾).Every year,when the season of the bad weather arrives,the lobsters get into a long line and start to walk across the floor of the ocean.Nobody knows why they do this,and nobody knows where they go.So,sometimes we know why humans and animals move from one place to another place,but at other times we don’t.Maybe living things just like to travel.

76.The reason for most of the animals to move is __________________.

77.Find the word in the passage which means “ the movement from one place to another of a

large group of animals” and write it down here: __________________.

78.The underlined word “指的是) ____________. 79.The salmon comes back to its birthplace in order to __________________. 80.The lobsters begin to move to another place when __________________. Ⅹ.词语运用(共5小题,每小题1分,计5分)


81.Please call me if you have any problems ____________ (work) out.

82.Marie Curie received the Nobel Prize ____________ (two) during her life time. 83.I think it is ____________ (danger) for children to be close to wild animals. 84.The old man has been ____________ (die) since three years ago. 85.I know only one of the ____________ (visit),how about you?

XI.基础写作(包括A、B两部分,A部分5分,B部分10分,共计15分) A)连词成句(共5小题,每小题1分,计5分)



____________________________________________________________________? 87.look,does,your,what,sister,like

____________________________________________________________________? 88.now,library,I,go,him,saw,into,the,just



____________________________________________________________________. 90.don’t,drive,can,think,I,I,a,car


B)书面表达 (计10分)


提示:1.What do you do to help your parents? 2.How do you think what you do for them?

要求:1.短文须包含所有提示内容,语句通畅,语法正确,并适当发挥。 2.文中不得出现真实的人名,校名和地名。


Help My Parents

As we all know, It’s important to help parents do housework during our daily life.


英 语 答 案


26—30 ACBDA 31—35 BCDAB 36—40 CBCBA 41—45 CDACB VI.完形填空

46—50 CCDBB 51—55 CABAB


56—60 CBDBC 61—65 BACDD 66—70 ACCAD


71.No.14 Middle School 72.as lovely as 73.strong 74.watches



76.to find food more easily


78.(in) salt water

79.give birth and die

80.the season of the bad weather arrives / the bad weather arrives


81.working 82.twice 83.dangerous 84.dead 85.visitors XI.基础写作

A) 连词成句

86.Are you from England or America?/Are you from America or England?

87.What does your sister look like?

88.I saw him go into the library just now.

89.It is not easy for me to swim well.

90.I don’t think I can drive a car.

B) 书面表达

One possible version:

AS we all know, It’s important to help parents do housework during our daily life.I often help them do housework.I throw the rubbish away and clean the floor in the morning.I help my mother cook the lunch.I always wash clothes for my family.My parents are very happy.Besides, Watering the flowers is also my duty.I like them very much and take good care of them.After supper, I always wash dishes.I think it can make my parents feel more enjoyable after work.In a word, the more housework I do, the happier my parents will be.

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