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中考阅读理解训练 5

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Everyone likes living in a clean and comfortable environment. If the environment(环境) are bad, it will affect(影响)our body, and make us not feel well. Sometimes we may be terribly ill. At that time we don’t want to work, and we have to stay in bed and rest at home. So the environment is very important to us.

It’s germs that makes us ill. There are germs everywhere, They are very small and you can’t find them with your own eyes, but you can see them with a microscope(显微镜)They are very small and there may be hundreds of them on a very small thing, Germs can always be found in dirty water. When we look at dirty water under the microscope, we shall see them in it. Germs can also be found in air and dust(灰尘). If you cut your finger, some of the dust from the floor may go into it, and you will have much pain in it. Sometimes the germs will go into all of your body, and you will have pain everywhere.

To keep us healthy, we should try to our best to make our environment become cleaner and tidier. This needs us to act together.


( D ) 1.The writer tell us that________.

A. we like working when we are ill

B. germs can’t live in the water.

C. we can’t feel ill if the environment is bad.

D. we feel well when the environment is good.

( A ) 2.Germs are________.

A. very small things that you can’t see with your eyes.

B. the things that don’t effect people.

C. the things that you can find with your eyes.

D. the things that are very big.

( D ) 3. Where can germs be found? They can be found_________.

A. on the small thing B. in air and dust

C. only in dirty water D. everywhere

( D ) 4.How will you feel if germs go into the finger that is cut?

A. I will feel nothing. B. I won’t mind.

C. I will feel tense. D. I will feel painful.

( C ) 5. From the passage we know that________.

A. environment doesn’t affect our life

B. we don’t need to improve our environment

C. germs may make us ill

D. if the environment is better, germs will be more.

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