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徐州市八年级 第六单元全国各地中考试题选编

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8B Unit 6 全国各地中考试题选编


( ) 1. (2013无锡) It's really_______ you to drive so fast on such a rainy day. Slow down!

A. crazy for B. crazy of C. wise (明智) for D. wise of

( ) 2. (2013安徽) The people in Ya'an have met lots of difficulties, but they haven't _______ hope.

A. picked up B. given up C. looked for D. waited for

( ) 3. (2013泰州)-It's_______ of Yang Xiangming to save the boy who fell into the river. -Yes. He is a great man of our times.

A. patient B. energetic C. brave D. confident

( ) 4. (2012随州) It's dangerous_______ with the wild animal.

A. for us to play B. of us playing

C. for us playing D. of us to play

( ) 5. (2013泰州)-It's hard for me to be a trailwalker!

Never_______. Believe in yourself!

A. put up B. give up C. hurry up D. look up

( ) 6. (2013宿迁) It's dangerous_______ a close look at the tiger in the zoo.

A. for us taking B. of us to take

C. of us taking D. for us to take

( ) 7. (2013淮安) At times, parents find it difficult_______ with their teenage children.

A. talk B. talked C. talking D. to talk

( ) 8. (2013青岛)-You look sad. What has happened?

Everyone_______ us to win the match, but we lost.

A. expects B. expected C. hopes D. hoped

( ) 9. (2013宿迁) Helen didn't know anything about it_______ her father told her.

A. if B. because C. after D. until

( )10. (2013呼和浩特) Tom, would you please_______ the box? It's for your sister.

A. not open B. don't open C. not to open D. to not open

( )11. (2013连云港) -I'd like a cup of black coffee. What about you, Maggie?

-I prefer (更喜欢) coffee_______ sugar.

A. than B. for C. with D. to

( )12. (2013西宁) It is not polite to keep others_______ for a long time.

A. wait B. to wait C. waiting D. waited

( )13. (2013青海) Does the man need_______ operation at once, Doctor Li?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )14. (2012广东) _______ I swim here?

-I'm sorry. Children_______ swim alone here.

A. Must; can't B. May; must

C. Can; mustn't D. Can't; can

( )15. (2012南昌) You need to take notes at the meeting so make sure_______ a pen and some paper with you.

A. bring B. bringing C. to bring D. not bring

( )16. (2013重庆)You can improve your English_______ practicing more.

A. by B.with C.of D.in


( )17. (2012南京)-Mr Smith, I don't think we can get there on time by bike.

-You mean it's_______ for us to take a taxi?

A. necessary B. important C. possible D. difficult

( )18. (2011无锡)It's nice_______ you_______ my parents your best wishes.

A. of; sending B. of; to send C. for; to send D. for; sending

( )19. (2011烟台) Do you think Brazil will beat(打败)Japan in the next match7 -Yes, they have better players, so I_______ them to win.

A. hope B. except C. expect D. prefer(喜欢)

( )20. (2011广东)Try to sing more English songs, you will find it interesting_______ a

foreign language.

A. learning B. learns C. learn D. to learn

( )21. (2011常州)It's_______ you to interrupt(打断)a person when he or she is speaking.

A. polite for B. polite of C. rude for D. rude of

( )22. (2011淮安)We think it is difficult_______ them_______ the charity walk without

team spirit(团队精神).

A. for; to finish B. of; to finish

C. for; finishing D. of; finishing

( )23. (2013徐州)-If l work hard at my lessons from now on, can I do well in them? -Sure._______.

A. All rivers run into sea B. Every day is not Sunday

C. Better late than never D. Practice makes perfect

( )24. (2013武汉) How is everything going in the hospital, dear?


A. I'm all right, thanks B. Not too bad, I guess

C. Not at all D. That's all right, thank you


1.(2013宁波)I offered my seat to a_______(盲的)woman on the bus yesterday.

2.(2011无锡)At last, she_______(获得)her goal(目标)of becoming a singer.



It is necessary_____________________ to know more about the world.


____________________________come up with a new way in such a short time.


It's impolite______________ to laugh at those people in_____________________.


It's not___________________________________ at this moment.





一. 1-5 BBCAB 6-10 DDBDA 11-15 CCECC 16-20 AABCD 21-24 DACB

二. 1- blind 2. achieved

三. 1. for us to learn English well(if we want)

2. It's difficult for them to

3. of us, trouble

4. wise of you to give up

5. It's good for our health to eat more fruit /Eating more fruit is good for our health


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