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1. where, don’t, know, he, lives, I

2. usually, evening, I, homework, do, my, in, the

3. beautiful, are, flowers, quite, these

4. afternoon, we, yesterday, classroom, had, the, a, meeting, in

5. than, exciting, skating, skiing, is, more

6. better, is, today, much, he, feeling

7. hall, there, the, than, two, are, more, people, in, thousand

8. this, good, example, the, is, other, as, an, is, as

9. I, can, as, can, carry, you, paper, as, much

10. Tom, is, brothers, the, three, tallest, of, the

11. intelligent, any, Mike, class, is, students, his, more, in, other, than

12. the, you, accomplish, more, more, you, work, the

13. I, good, singing, am, at, not, much

14. he, had, an, operation, has, just

15. the, brother, is, my, boy, music, interested, in

16. there, village, is, a, stone, famous, near, the, fine, old, bridge

17. we, years, school, for, have, this, four, studied, in

18. he, blackboard, could, on, hardly, words, the, see, the

19. his it homework last eleven night was he finished o’clock when

20. these, belong, my, brother, stamps, elder, to

21. the, carry, box, is, that, I, can’t, so, heavy, it

22. the, to, question, for, is, too, answer, difficult, anyone

23. Tom, not, take, did, activity, yesterday, apart, in, the, after-school

24. better, go, you, had, him, railway, to, see, station, off, at, the

25. graduates, from, Sam, for, a, to, look, London, after, he, job, in, wants, university

26. to, convenient, by, travel, it, underground, is, very

27. meeting, a, we, week, have, once, a, class

28. the, dirty, that, water, not, drink, was, so, we, could, it

29. can, me, when, you, tell, I, the, flowers, should, water (?)

30. the, word, boy, to, was, too, frightened, say, a

31. workers, and, it, took, the, tunnel, the, engineers, to, about, two, years, build

32. Laura, in, Harry Potter, spent, finishing, one, the, book, week, reading

33. often, it, for, your, is, to, do, good, health, exercise

34. he, be, me, to, on, here, told, time

35. I, to, say, have, thing, nothing, about, that

36. they, to, work, were, whole, made, the, night.

37. the, old, is, to, go, enough, child, to, school

38. it, for, is, very, hard, study, two, him, to, languages

39. is, very, it, nice, to, help, of, you, me

40. she, crying, at, a, can, sad, not, help, movie

41. he, million, spent, two, in, dollars, buying, a, at, the, vase, auction

42. the, Smith, not, policeman, after, told, to, drive, drinking

- 1 -

43. I, you, think, are, to, cook, old, yourself, enough, meals

44. around, told, the, the, us, that, teacher, moves, earth, the, sun

45. to people animals is help helping

46. our, cleaned, and, classroom, tidied, has, been, already

47. his, to, be, a, her, twenties, daughter, wants, doctor, for, animals, in

48. is, and, hotter, getting, the, weather, hotter

49. you, to, do, not, have, about, tell, him, it

50. nor, she, I, a, neither, doctor, am


1. I don’t know where he lives.

2. Usually I do my homework in the evening.

3. These flowers are quite beautiful.

4. We had a meeting in the classroom yesterday afternoon.

5. Skiing is more exciting than skating.

6. He’s feeling much better today.

7. There are more than two thousand people in the hall.

8. This is as good an example as the other is.

9. I can carry as much paper as you can.

10. Tom is the tallest of the three brothers.

11. Mike is more intelligent than any other students in his class.

12. The more I work, the more I accomplish.

13. I’m not much good at singing.

14. He has just had an operation.

15. The boy interested in music is my brother.

16. There is a famous fine old stone bridge near the village.

17. We have studied in this school for four years,

18. He could hardly see the words on the blackboard.

19. It was eleven o’clock when he finished his homework last night.

20. These stamps belong to my elder brother.

21. The box is so heavy that I can’t carry it.

22. The question is too difficult for anyone to answer.

23. Tom didn’t take part in the after-school activity yesterday,.

24. You’d better go to see him off at the railway station.

25. Sam wants to look for a job in London after he graduates from university.

26. It is very convenient to travel by underground!

27. We have a class meeting once a week.

28. The water was so dirty that we couldn't drink it.

29. Can you tell me when I should water the flowers?

30. The boy was too frightened to say a word.

31. It took the workers and engineers about two years to build the tunnel.

32. Laura spent one week finishing reading the book Harry Potter.

33. It’s g~ for your health to do ex~ often

- 2 -

34. He told me to be here on time.

35. I have nothing to say about that thing.

36. They were made to work the whole night.

37. The child is old enough to go to school.

38. It's very hard for him to study two languages.

39. It's very nice of you to help me.

40. She can’t help crying at a sad movie.

41. He spent two million dollars in buying a vase at the auction.

42. The policeman told Smith not to drive after drinking.

43. I think you are old enough to cook meals yourself.

44. The teacher told us that the earth moves around the sun.

45. To help animals is helping people.

46. Our classroom has been cleaned and tidied already.

47. His daughter wants to be a doctor for animals in her twenties.

48. The weather is getting hotter and hotter.

49. You don't have to tell him about it.

50. Neither she nor I am a doctor.

- 3 -

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